I Want An Xbox One, But Really Wish I Didn't

Dealspwn: "The Xbox One makes a hyprocrite out of me. If Microsoft can seal the deal by presenting a united front and a convenient release date, it might even make a customer out of me..."

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n4rc1880d ago

"What I'd prefer is a console that I can effortlessly control with my voice, access all of my games and videos instantly, browse the net with a single word and multi-task effortlessly between applications... oh. Hello Kinect"

That made me laugh...

It is a good read..

mewhy321880d ago

The kinect has never worked well, it's a gimmick, and now it's a spy camera for micro$ft's partner, the NSA. Have fun yelling at the console over and over trying to get the thing to understand what you're saying and flailing your arms around playing some kinect sports. LOL. The hardcore gamers will either be playing on gaming pc or real exclusives on PS4.

negative1880d ago

Get over yourself fanboy

Animal Mutha 761880d ago

I think its a bit early for you to be saying that its rubbish unless you have used it already??

I use the Kinect v1 for head tracking in Forza 4, video chat with my brother overseas and voice control. If you have things set up correctly it works very well. The head tracking in cockpit view is great.

kneon1880d ago

@Animal Mutha 76

But none of those things you use it for actually need a 3D camera. GT5 does head tracking with the PsEye and video chat and voice control just need a webcam and a microphone.

BallsEye1880d ago



Like MS got nothing better to do but watch your fat @ss on a sofa, eating chips.


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TheHybrid1880d ago

I agree. The smoothness and convenience of navigation that kinect 2.0 provides is long overdue and we shouldn't have to deal with the clunky Xbox guide or ps3 xmb ever again.

ZBlacktt1880d ago

Buy which ever one you like and feel is a better fit for you. As stated, you already have a PC. So that covers a lot of bases. A PS4 would be for exclusives and exclusive content at this point.

BlueBlood171880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Yeah a PS4 would only be for exclusives at this point.

Even when all the multiplats run better on it. </s>


ZBlacktt1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

I just laugh at how people disagree with common sense post between two people. Sure it's people hurt from other topics...

Kuse1880d ago

Hey I feel the same way, I saw the PS4 and was blown away, but the PS4's launch lineup is very weak at best, I'm not a shooter fan so I was looking for something more Action/RPG based. Xbox One has a better outlook with games like Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Quantum Break, new Halo game, Below and much more.

In the end though I'll get a PS4 just not at launch.

LoveSpuds1880d ago

You of course realise that those games you just listed arent out for the XB1 launch right?

By the time you see some of these there will be various PS4 exclusives out too.

Never fails to amaze me when people forget to look at MS track record over the last few years. If you want consistent exclusive games over a variety of genres then ask yourself which console has had the best titles over the whole of its life cycle?

kewlkat0071880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Sony do have some interesting Indie games..Of course with 1.84 tflops you'd want better titles to showcase at the start but plenty games in development.

Mikelarry1880d ago

ok let me get this straight you say you are not a shooter fan and the games you have listed are all shooters?????

Belking1880d ago

Xbox-one is a good choice.

raWfodog1880d ago

Either one is a good choice, if they have the games that you're looking forward to.

Belking1880d ago

yea, but they didn't ask which one was a good choice. It's about him wanting a xbox-one.

The Meerkat1880d ago

I want so much to want an X1.
I wish there was a launch game for it that made me scream "F### Yeah!" at the trailer.
I wish I could trust MS.
I love the controller

But I will not be letting my heart rule my head.
I'll be playing my PS4 until MS proves they value my business and give me something better than a £400 voice controlled TV remote.

BlueBlood171880d ago

You'll never want to go back... ;)

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