ATLUS Partners with Big Finish to Publish Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

Today publisher Atlus has announced they will be partnering with Big Finish to publish Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure. The long running series of PC adventure games has captured the heart of adventure gamers since it debuted on a variety of home computers in 1989. With the series lying dormant since the 1998 Tex Murphy: Overseer, this is a welcome return for a beloved icon of PC adventure gaming.

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Donnieboi2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Good to see that Atlus's publishing wing is still...publishing. Looks like they must have been bought by a parent company (either that, or Index is making a comeback), so that they can stay free to publish instead of being locked by 1st and 3rd party publishers. Stay free and breezy Atlus.

dead_pixels2267d ago

I couldn't agree more. If the company were really in such dire straits then acquiring a property such as a long defunct PC adventure series would be a truly bizarre move. Either way, it's great to see the publisher branching out and acquiring some intriguing and unlikely properties.