Gears of War 2 Available for Pre-Order Now

Gamestop and are now taking pre-orders for Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 2 Limited Edition.

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Breakfast3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Why the hell would anyone pre-order a game, thats comn out it 10months from now?

Edit: "Is Microsoft so scared of Sony's '08 potential they want to remind everyone they're not dead, yet...?"

Dude that is dumb...i thought you meant conspiracy theories in another way...

MorganX3844d ago

Let the conspiracy theories begin ...

Fishy Fingers3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

"conspiracy theories"

LOL... amazon/gamestop just want your money sat in the their bank for the next 10 months making them interest. I'll keep it in mine for now thanks.

MorganX3844d ago

Is Microsoft so scared of Sony's '08 potential they want to remind everyone they're not dead, yet...? I mean, how many people will pre-order anyway? There has to be another reason.

Fishy Fingers3844d ago

MS?? What the hell do Microsoft have to do with amazon and gamestop taking pre-orders.

Some people look in to stuff farrr to much.

MorganX3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Fish, I'm just going with the flow. I have no idea why it's on pre-order so early. But I don't think the distributors could start taking pre-orders without Microsoft's permission. The link is to a pre-order page on Microsoft is not a bystander here.

Is there more to the early pre-order than Amazon and Gamestop getting some early money for the books, who am I to say.

More than any conspiracy theory, where's all the emotion coming from?

justgamez3843d ago

big games are senseless to preorder. Publishers make more than enough and retailers take a chance and over stock. Smaller less hyped games are the ones to preorder. I can't tell you how many times I went to pick up a small market game on release day only to be turned away because the retailer only got in a few because they thought the demand wouldn't be there.

gogators3843d ago

or any retailer for that matter taking pre-orders has nothing to do with MS. It boils down to a personal company decision and unless there has been a recent change in procedure, Amazon doesn't charge you until the item is being shipped to you.

iNcRiMiNaTi3843d ago

people were able to reserve halo 3 like a year and half before its release the gow situation is nothing

Chug3843d ago

My PS3 is my baby and all......but god damn, I just pre-ordered this @ Amazon, and this is the only reason why I still have my 360.....Oh, & NG2.

Sayai jin3843d ago

Chug- If Gears 2 is as good or better than the first then I do not think you will be dissapointed. I say may not becuase I do not know what types of games you like. When you get your 360 send me a Freind Request. I will teach you how to become a Torque Bow Master in Gears. You can get the original Gears of War on eBay for about $20 USD. Also, look me up on the PSN for som PS3 multiplayer action too.

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CiRCuiTz3844d ago

preordered it about a month or so ago at gamestop. the day after the announcement at gdc.

Breakfast3844d ago

Im not hating on you or anything...i would just like to know the reasoning behind it. This goes for all games, not just this.

Im exited too, but why??

Delt43844d ago

i pre-order games when ever i am in the store and have the coin with me.

sonarus3843d ago

I'm sorry but contrary to what breakfast claims WE are hating on you lol

Seriously speaking let me tell you how it works. Anytime you put 5 bucks down on a game it may look like you aren't loosing much but in reality you are and in fact gamespot is gaining a lot. They can use your 5 bucks and make investments because the money is no longer in your pocket but it is in theirs. They are essentially playing the role of a bank only they don't issue any interest. You are essentially better off putting that 5 bucks in the bank.
Pre ordering a yr early isn't going to make epic come visit you wit magical gifts for being such a loyal fan

gogators3843d ago

let alone finding a banking institution that will even let you earn interest on 5 bucks in a savings account. It's 5 bucks, if they made you pay full price then there's a different story. I find little reason to and don't pre-order, but I mean the kid is only spending 5 bucks.

sonarus3843d ago

Yea but even if all you earn is 1 cent of interest from that 5 dollars don't you think you are entitled to that 1 cent instead of giving it to gamestop.

My point is yes 5 bucks may look like peanuts but when you are preordering a game a yr in advance that 5 bucks you have locked in the hands of gamestop not only are you losing on interest earned, the general inflation rate could also come into effect. In a yrs time that 5 bucks you put down might not by the same thing by the end of the yr. As we all know the value of the dollar isn't as strong as it used to be. If 5 bucks buys 2 bottles of water today, it might only buy 1 bottle of water tomorrow and half a bottle of water by november. Gamestop is unaffected because they invest your dollars on the spot so they don't lose however you just tied your dollar down in a place where it is not gaining any interest but actually losing value. Just saying economically this really isn't the best time to be preordering games yrs in advanced. But hey its his money i am sure my reasoning won't have any effect on him

Suicyco 133843d ago

$5 bucks may not seem like a lot from one person. But all the people from all the stores in say USA. Not sure how many stores are in USA but I'll guess 4000. Say every store pre-orders 50 on average and puts $5 down. Thats 1 million dollars. This is a lot of money for them to be using as they wish before the game comes out. Some people will pre-pay more than $5. Now think of money they get from all the other games they pre-order. It's a crazy amount

Pre-orders are a rip off. 95% of the time it is not needed. Some rare occasions on RPG's and some under the radar games that they will get 1 or 2 copies of. And most of the time you can find them somewhere to buy without pre-ordering them.

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BigKev453844d ago

I preordered my last month, breakfast. Can't wait for it.

Breakfast3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Yea but im getting the game the same day as you are...there is no advantage in pre-ordering it 10 months early. arguing such a dumb cause.

toughNAME3844d ago

oh man I am now realizing how hard it is to act like a PS3 fan

power of Green 3844d ago

What a strange story fanboys are trying to block.

If you don't think pre-ordering a game now makes no difference then wait no one asked you people lol. Its just news for folks that might wan't to get it out of the way.

FLOPbox 3603843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

LMAO You are an idiot. No one gives a sh!t. Xbox 360 is coming in 6th place this generation

You wanna bet me?


PS3 IS DESTROYING THE XBOX 360 AND ITS GOING TO GET WAYYYYYYYYYYY WORSE FOR THE XBOX 360 FROM HERE. Keep crying. WAHHHH WAHHHHH WAHHHHHH. Xbox 360 is DEAD LAST EVERY MONTH. LMAO ITS A JOKE. PS3 is going to killlll the Xbox 360 again this generation. You can get upset... say PS3 is in 3rd(for maybe one more year... if even that... and only because of a head start... it shouldnt be ahead yet) but PS3 is smoking the 360 and making it look like the FLOP it is.

Xbox 360 is DEAD. Deadbox LMAOOOO. In six months I'll go make that my name for you.

How about Microsft-pulled-the-plug-box becuase thats what its going to be soon. THE 360 IS SELLING LIKE FCKING GARABGE AND WONT LAST LONG.

HAHAHAHAHAHA poor 3fixme.

GiantEnemyCrab3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

than a million Dualshock 3 reviews and if I remember a few DualShock pre-order articles as well.

Oh look, Flopbox is trying to say something. How much you want to bet it's not constructive and probably insulting to you and the 360?

Nothing like Sony fishheads trying to control news on a console they don't own or plan to own. It's not fair to the owners of the 360 who use this site.

EDIT: Couldn't resist clicking on the comment to see and yup I was right. Stupid idiotic as always. Hey Flopbox let's look at total install base shall we?? Yup, the CRAPSTATION (tm) is in last place. Ouch, now go watch a disney Brown-ray and have momma make you a hotdog and you will feel better. NO, no, no the hotdog does not go up your ass. Bad boy!

Alcaponedyou3843d ago

are the same people
you ladies have been caponed.

GiantEnemyCrab3843d ago

but your mom and dad are the same person Alcaponer. That must be why your head is shaped so funny being born out of an anus and all.

Z F1GHT3RS3843d ago

WOW you went through all that for what. people to laugh at you. honestly get a life. so sad. u just went toooooo far droid,way to far.
POG DOSN'T go far.
please drone leave your sony sucking [email protected] comments out of this.

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