The most expensive PlayStation games around – PS1, 2 & 3 games that can cost as much as a PS4

OPM: How much do you think people are willing to play for an old PlayStation game or a rare collector’s editions? A few hundred? A few thousand? Here are some of the most expensive PS1, 2 and 3 games ever bought or sold.

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OmniAtlas3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

I'm still looking for an affordable english version of aquanauts holiday for the ps3. 5 years later and still no such luck.

Luckily ico and sotc was rereleased on the ps3..

sypher3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

Same here! Plenty of Chinese language ones but trying to find that Hong Kong english one... has to be the rarest officially released (non recalled) game on PS3? :/

Inception3920d ago

They forgot:

1) Tales of Destiny PS1 = $500

2) Tales of Destiny 2 PS1 = $250

3) Vagrant Story PS1 = $150

But man, that UC2 Fortune Hunter Ed price is overkill! >.<

pecorre3920d ago

I bought Vagrant Story in like new condition on ebay for 35$ earlier this year. PS1 games on Amazon are almost always overpriced.

wishingW3L3920d ago

it happened just like with Persona. You could buy Persona 1 and 2 for like $10-15 on Amazon but then Persona 3 came out, the series became mainstream and all of a sudden the prices from the old games jumped dramatically. And now the same thing is happening with Tales...

Inception3920d ago

Maybe you right for other titles on amazon. But Tales of Destiny 1 & 2 copies always been rare this years. I've been searching for a cheap copies for both of them on playasia or ebay and it's no luck >.<

- Destiny 1 = $700
- Destiny 2 = $250

That's why i never trade my Tales of Abyss and Tales of Graces f + Xillia Day 1 Edition. In case they became very rare in the future.

wishingW3L3920d ago

only one I have it's Megaman Legends 2 but I think the Tron Bonne game is more expensive.

Majin-vegeta3920d ago

I have a shadow heart and LOD unopened copies at my mothers place maybe it's time to dig them out.

wishingW3L3920d ago

just remember that the more you wait to sell em the more valuable they will become!

RoseSapphire3920d ago

This isn't always true. Even a sealed game loses value when a digital version is released. Granted, Legend of Dragoon has already had the digital hit the market.

RoseSapphire3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

Most of these games on the list are not even half the price they had shown. I own a used game store and, using Mega Man 2 Legends as an example, we have it for $55. Legend of Dragoon is a $15 game.

These titles are grossly overpriced in this article and it seems like they grabbed the highest listed eBay price rather than doing any research.

hockeyjockey663920d ago

Thank you. I was saying this to my computer screen the whole time I was reading this terrible article.

3919d ago
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PlayStation 2 Classic Shadow Hearts Trademarked In Japan

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SinisterMister740d ago

I have a foggy memory of this one. Do remember that it was pretty fun back in the day. That thumbnail reminds me of the upcoming Wukong game. Excited for that one.

jznrpg739d ago

I own the entire Shadow Hearts series on PS2 . Hopefully it’s a new game

RedDevils739d ago

lol same, and I'm currently playing on PC as well.

SinisterKieran739d ago

omg yes please!!
i loved this freaking game! and the way your character transforms is so cool.

739d ago
TheColbertinator739d ago

Another gem of the JRPG golden age

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