Video games 'do not make teens violent'

Playing violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty does not cause anti-social behaviour, according to a study of American teenagers.

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user74029312810d ago

videogames are stress bombers. weed is better but still danny..

GarrusVakarian2810d ago

To say that it "creates" it is idiotic. Contributes? Maybe. Amplifies? Maybe. But causes? No way. It goes alot deeper than videogames. The real issues are parenting, friend circles, withstanding mental issues to name a few. Common sense does not require a study.

Kevlar0092810d ago

Take any basic pyschology course and you will learn no action or behavior is the result of one factor, it's a combination of several environmental and personal factors.

OtherSider2810d ago

Common sense does not require a study? If you say so, then you must be certain of the relationship of video games to violent behaviour, if there exists such a relationship.

You mentioned that video games MAY contribute or amplify violent behaviour. So you are not sure about the relationship.

This study addresses your concerns by demonstrating that violent video games may not influence violent behaviour.

Common sense would tell you to take note of this study, which addresses YOUR concerns.

Bereaver2809d ago

It really depends on the single person that's playing the game and that not only answers the problem but creates another one all in it's own..... How could we tell which person can be mentally effected enough to become violent from playing violent games. People are just unpredictable sometimes. Sometimes I wish there was an easy solution.... because I'm very docile in real life and would only use force to protect myself but I love getting headshots in games.

yesmynameissumo2810d ago

Whew! Glad that's settled. *kills neighbor*

AceBlazer132810d ago

the people that carry out these acts were probably never right in the head to begin with. video games just give them the extra push to say the least

Wni02810d ago

according to a study of teenagers... lol. DO YOU GET VIOLENT WHEN PLAYING VIDEOGAMES. uhhhh no brah no

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The story is too old to be commented.