'Project Spark' beta PC requirements revealed

XMNR: Team Dakota revealed what kind of PC potential beta testers for Project Spark will need at a minimum and the suggested specs hint at a fairly CPU intensive game.

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Intentions1876d ago

:S That's crazy for a beta

mewhy321876d ago

Here's another bone exclusive that I'll be playing on my gaming PC. Not sure why m$ keeps calling this stuff exclusive since it releases on PC? I'll be playing REAL exclusives on my PS4.

PtRoLLFacE1876d ago

bro do do you even troll

malokevi1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Ever heard of Windows 8? The same OS that will be required to play Titanfall?

Exclusive to MS. Feel free to hate, you are still dead set on contributing to their bankroll.

disagrees: ahhhhh, validation.

Loki861875d ago

Your twenty f2p games that have been out on Pc for like a year?

iRocket1875d ago

@malokevi Hmh, well what about this article? I have the feeling that Microsoft wouldn't alienate the massive userbase of the earlier versions, at least for a game like this.

SonyNGP1875d ago

That's nice. I'll be sitting here with a PS4, XBone, Wii U and PC and enjoying all the games because I'm rich :)

malokevi1875d ago

"Some rumors surrounding TitanFall arose out of nowhere a couple of hours ago."

Great start, there. lol.

I have heard it stated directly by the developers on numerous occasions during dev interviews. Pretty sure MS has asked them to stress that fact.

I'd find one, but I'm working. Just look for a Gamescom titanfall interview, should do the trick.

JBSleek1875d ago

Yea because we can just ignore the PS4 games that are also on PC but whatever that's all good.

InTheLab1875d ago

God I hate this....

Things are either exclusive or multiplatform. This game and Titanfall are both multiplatform.

There is no such thing as MS exclusive.

Dragon's Crown (f'n awesome btw) is multiplatform. It appears on MULTIPLE PLATFORMS, therefore, it is multiplatform.

Anyway...looking forward to this game. Hopefully, Quantum Break goes multiplat at some point as well.

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PtRoLLFacE1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

signing in as we speak

VanguardOfCalamity1876d ago

hmmm.. I've really been trying to avoid Windows 8 too ('_')

FlyingFoxy1875d ago

these requirements are likely bs, i've seen many games where they run much better with higher than recommended specs.

I wish devs would learn how to optimize their games for 60+fps.

ninjahunter1875d ago

You must not know how optimization works. Its like writing an essay, Say your proffesor tells you to write a 10,000 word essay. Telling someone to optimize a game for 60 FPS is like telling them to take that 10,000 words of content and fit it into 1,000 words without losing any content.

You dont just optimize a game for 60fps, A dev makes a game, targeted either for 30fps or 60fps then they optimize it to make it stable at that frame rate.

dazzrazz1875d ago


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