GTA (5 Games to play till it comes out)

Here is the top five titles to tide you over in the long wait for GTA V.

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GarrusVakarian1880d ago

Those games do little to quench the thirst.

I guess i will have to stick with watching the gameplay trailer over and over and over again until September 17th.

Mr_Butata1880d ago

I watch it every day! By this time i already know the lines by heart!

koh1880d ago

RDR, San Andreas, Max Payne 3, IV and... Table Tennis for me

GarrusVakarian1880d ago

Iv'e actually been playing a little San Andreas lately, its not even a game anymore, its just a constant flow of nostalgia on the screen.

orakle441880d ago

same, got san andreas on steam for like 3 bucks, so worth the money, been playing it like crazy lately

shadowwizard1880d ago

GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, IV and Red Dead Redemption. That's all I need.

skydragoonity1880d ago

Except the apocalypse is going to happen before the release date of GTA V , i think I'm ok waiting tnx.

1880d ago