Integration Between PS4 And Smartphone Explained, Addditional Detail About Streaming Revealed

Some minor details about the PS4 you may be interested in.

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DoomeDx2272d ago

"Integration Between PS4 And Smartphone Explained, Addditional Detail About Streaming Revealed"

Yeah this is gonna be a good read!

*Reads description*
"Some minor details about the PS4 you may be interested in"


gameseveryday2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

If you have a smartphone and if you plan to buy a PS4 game using that, it will automatically wake up the PS4 up and start downloading the game. After that the PS4 goes back to sleep state.

This is one awesome feature.

DoomeDx2272d ago

It is. Dont get me wrong

But with the article headline I expected tons of information lol

abzdine2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

i agree with you Rashid!
i have seen this feature on PS4 UI video where the girl downloads KZ from her phone and i think the title is precise enough since we didn't know if DL will only happen during PS+ scheduled time or everytime there is something in queue.

Donnieboi2271d ago

"Addditional" it added so much, that it even gave a free "d" away.

thrust2272d ago

Sony did not do much with the psn app this gen!

in fact the iso psn app terrible.

Minato-Namikaze2272d ago

i thought the PSN app was only in EU? I think the new PSN app for next gen will be alot better. I hate having to wait till i get home from work in order to start my downloads an browse the store for a bit. This way all my downloads should be completed before i get home and i'll be ready to game.

2271d ago
bub162272d ago

Pretty obvious really...

Jeff2572272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Nothing really new here. Just talks about how your smartphone can wake up the PS4 when you buy a game online for it. Then it turns off after it is done downloading it. Also the obvious point that you can't stream one game to the Vita and play a second game on the PS4 at the same time.

What I wish Sony would do is give us a video detailing exactly how we would start the streaming to the vita. Specifically show us how it looks on both systems via the UI.

KrimsonKody2272d ago

They already showed that, at least on 2 separate occasions.
& it looks good, barely notice a difference.

Jeff2572272d ago

I only saw the one time during the gamescom conference and it just switched from the one guy playing on PS4 straight into the PS Vita. It didn't show how he connected it was just connected. Do you have a link to anything that might show it differently?

KrimsonKody2272d ago

No, not quite.
But yeah, one of the times I had in mind was the Aug. 21th conference.
Another time was a brief image a few months ago just advertising that it would be able to stream PS4 games.
As for connections, most likely you will have to sync the Vita with the PS4, maybe a one-time wire connection or completely through bluetooth or wi-fi, most likely wi-fi.

KrimsonKody2272d ago

What I would like to know is a little more detailed, like;
Ok, if you are steaming a game on the Vita, can someone still play a separate campaign (same game) on the console? That would be sexy.
Also, yes, you can wake the PS4 for a purchased download, but will it do the same for timed trails, demos, etc.
& finally, does the app drop along with the system or will be have to wait?
They are doing great with the store, so it should'nt be a hassle to get the app up & popping.

I can see it now; I'm outdoors, get on PSN, dump stuff into my cart, download, then let my baby return to rest.

paul-p19882272d ago

Judging from the Gamescom footage the PS Vita is used in the same way as the Wii U gamepad, you just take exactly what you was playing on the TV and transport it to the Vita. So no, you wouldn't be able to have one person playing one part of the game on PS4 while another plays a different part on Vita.

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