Microsoft Seeks to Reassure Workers Spooked by CEO Search

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is telling employees that a reorganization plan by departing Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer will go ahead, seeking to reassure senior managers who are concerned that the search for a successor will throw turnaround efforts into disarray.

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mewhy322277d ago

If micro$oft hadn't been so greedy and untrustworthy then they wouldn't be in the situation that they're in now.

lastofgen2277d ago

What 'situation' are you referring to here?
MS have been making yoy growth in revenue and profits for quite some time now. Maybe it's just that Ballmer just wants to retire?

iamnsuperman2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I don't think he wanted to retire so early and was more pushed that way


Ballmer hasn't been good for Microsoft. His attitude to ignore Apple's growth and focus in on trying to take on Google in the internet market (ridiculous idea) as lead to Microsoft become a role of reacting to what other companies do and not being one of those companies. Ballmer, famously, laughed at the iPhone and the recent Surface move was a catastrophic failure. They need new blood and that is why he is leaving

christocolus2277d ago

@lastofgen......Why bother replying him... some dudes are just plain ignorant.besides games they know nothing about the world around them and they are usually the ones to rush to post comments on articles like this.In their little world its always an ongoing battle between sony and ms...and they post without knowing the facts...MS is a very profitable organisation and the biggest tech\ software giant in the world, many great companys will go down before ms ever does go down..the xbox brand isn't even a major contributor to their profits and they post keep posting billions annualy as profit.(that's how large they are)..a company that actually wanted to buy out nintendo..guys pls get your facts right.the dude is only retiring,he still has shares in the company just like many other ms staff.......smh.

mcstorm2277d ago

@lastofgen I agree with you about MS making YOY growth and Ballmmer is not to fully blame for where MS are today.

What people see to forget is the way the world is at the moment and what Markets Microsoft looked at.

Microsoft have always been a business side of company why Apple and Google have always tried to get there teeth into this side of the market and have not managed to. What Apple and Google decided to do was look at the general public side as the public side is a very different market. If there is a hype created around a product it looks designer and works simple the general public will be interested and this is what Apple managed to do in terms of the Ipad, Iphone and Ipad and google also decided to react to this and have managed to get the 3rd party support like Microsoft did with pc's to take a big stand in this market.

Now this is where Microsoft started to falter as they did not react quick enough for this market and because of this they lost out on this market in terms of phone, pc and tablets.

Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox one is there chance to try and get a foot in the public market again and Windows 8 is doing that in the tablet market as it held 7.5% of the market with limited devices in its 1st 3 moths on the market. Windows Phone 8 is now getting closer and closer to the 10% market share and developers are stating to take notice of the OS but this is really only being pushed by Nokia at the moment.

We don't know what will happen with the Xbox one yet but if it has every chance as doing as well if not better than the 360.

One thing people seem to forget though is what Microsoft offer out side of Windows and xbox and there cloud services, Skype and Office business side is getting bigger and stronger each year.

The other thing people are forgetting is that we have been in a big recession which has taken it tole on the IT industry or businesses and now we are starting to come out of it there are a lot of businesses that need a refresh on there servers, pc's ect and now the jobs are starting to come in the cash will be there to buy the new kit which will in turn have a big + on the PC side again. Yes the Home users pc side is getting smaller but Windows 8 tablets will help with this but business's wont be looking at tablets they want pc's that can carry out the work they want them to as the are not for fun like the Ipad ect.

Microsoft are not as strong as they were when Bill gates left but Ballmer is leaving them facing the right direction and it is now time for someone new and fresh to come in and help the company grow even more again.

That Said no matter what happens Microsoft will be around for a long time to come but so Will Apple and Google.

Flutterby2277d ago

The MS employees are all yelling " abandon ship abandon ship" and blowing whistles lol

SynestheticRoar2277d ago

Where are the #@$%ing life boats. Somebody HELP!

Red_Devilz2277d ago

MS needs a visionary more than a CEO (Manager). I hope they can bring back Bill Gates and his 1st vision would be to UNDO what this idiot did for past decade. That would be a game changer.

bednet2276d ago

Regardless of why Ballmer is leaving, any change in top management usually brings in a re-org. We just went through exactly this where I work. Change is rarely welcomed by employees regardless if it's for the better...

Change is negative be definition as it affect people's lives and the stability of the environment around them. The key is communication which is exactly what MS is doing. In other words nothing to see here move along.