Annualised Call of Duty "a nice equilibrium with people's appetite"

Think the release of a new Call of Duty game every year is too much? Activision boss Eric Hirshberg told Eurogamer that all the company is doing it meeting fan demand.

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GarrusVakarian2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

The majority of people with that appetite are 12 year old hyperactive kids with the attention spans of goldfish.

Videogame development is like cheese or wine, it gets better with age.

king_george2275d ago

Lol duke nukem aged like milk

GarrusVakarian2275d ago

Haha, damn i forgot about that game.

@ king_george
Milk, hahahaha

Mikeyy2274d ago

Duke got gearboxed just like aliens colonial marines. All the focus was on borderlands 2.

Thisisjuju2274d ago

"Videogame development is like cheese or wine, it gets better with age."

I agree.
Source: Half Life 2.

GraveLord2274d ago

Not at all. These "kids" can play the same game for months and months and not buy anything else. Short attention my ass.

I find it funny that people like you have a problem with people having different gaming tastes than you. I guess you also hate people who are of a different skin color or orientation than you? Your opinions and tastes are right, everything else is wrong, right?

GarrusVakarian2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Woah woah woah!, overreaction much. If you would have been reading my post properly you would see that i put the MAJORITY, dude i play call of duty myself every now and then and i enjoy it. But everyone knows CoD is filled with annoying ADHD children.

Not once did i say i had a problem with anything.
Hate other skin types? Wtf.
Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? You have taken what i said and applied it to race and sexual orientation when that has absolutely nothing to do with what im saying or what this article is saying.....that's messed up on your end dude. No wonder you only have 2 bubbles.

GarrusVakarian2274d ago

And i joined over 2 years ago actually, i made a new account :) So it seems you are wrong.

GraveLord2274d ago

1. You joined N4G only 13 days ago. You have no right to point out how many bubbles I have considering you probably made your account to regain yours.

2. It's a valid question. People have different tastes and opinions. If you think yours are better than their your have flawed logic.

3. The race and orientation was only used an example.

Just answer this question: Do you think your opinions and tastes are better or superior to others? Do you think playing Skryim for hundreds of hours makes you any better of a gamer than someone who plays COD all day every day?

GarrusVakarian2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Of course i don't think that, you made CRAZY assumptions based on two sentences. It seems you are psychic now seeing as you can tell why i made a new account. You call me a creep when you are snooping around my account. I didnt in ANY way say my opinions are better than others.

This whole conversation is....

It seems you shouldn't be accusing or making assumptions about anything or anyone seeing as you only have 2 bubbles, that tells me you arent liked, which doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

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slimeybrainboy2275d ago

The COD audience want it. At this point you either know you want COD or you don't. There is no making COD better or changing it. It's minor iterations that will only stick if it sits with the hardcore COD audience. The game isnt for everyone.

JsonHenry2275d ago

Love or hate the series they sell this game yearly really well.

There is something to be said with quarterly DLC and annual releases. People love new content even if the overall game plays the exact same.

310dodo2275d ago

the numbers dont lie.
over 10 million copies sold for each COD since COD4.

COD is still fun. No longer breath taking, but still fun as ever.

Battlefield is a different game all together, but it is also very fun.

Mikeyy2274d ago

Well I'm hoping the masses will at least give battlefield 4 a shot this time around. They need to see that there is more to an. Fps then sprint, shoot, sprint, shoot.

360 no scope. Its just old..

STK0262274d ago

I've played every CoD and every Battlefield games. I like Call of Duty about as much as I like Battlefield, but not for the same reasons. Saying people should go and play Battlefield instead of Call of Duty because it offers a different take on the modern-setting shooter is similar to saying one should stop playing Counter-Strike to go and play Rainbow Six.

Call of Duty is faster paced than Battlefield, it has smaller arena style maps and no vehicles; you might not like it, but it doesn't mean it's objectively less fun than Battlefield. Battlefield does have the edge when it comes to graphics/physics/sounds, but it doesn't mean it's more fun to play for everyone.

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