Will Xbox One's DRM return? "I don't see that ever happening with content you're buying today"

Xbox One’s DRM issue seems to be a thing of the past, and Microsoft’s Albert Penello has taken to the NeoGAF forums to discuss the console in detail. When quizzed about a potential return of always-online DRM, he said he couldn’t see it happening.

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HolyDuck2267d ago

$ony, I can do that too, well done, proud of you.

The Meerkat2267d ago

Atari $T
M£ga Drive
$N£$ <--- this is the best.

malokevi2267d ago

Both in place at the same time?

Sounds perfect. Give me the benefits of digital, and bring back the DRM. I didn't give a care to begin with.

Let dinosaurs keep there disks. It makes them feel "secure", and they "like collecting them".

I like playing videogames.

Activemessiah2267d ago

You ASSumed I like $ony? how did you come to this conclusion?

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mewhy322267d ago

If micro$oft brought back DRM now it would be commercial suicide. They've already lost the trust of the gaming community which has resulted in their bone getting outsold 4-1. The executives are falling like leaves from a dying tree already. DRM won't be coming back.

MWong2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I agree it would be suicide for M$ to bring back their DRM policy. However, I would say technically M$ proved that DRM can be turned off and on. Why do I say that, DRM was a big part of the XBones R&D, so it was already a part of the consoles design. So every XBone will already have the technological capability of implementing DRM. They would probably have to release a software patch to turn it back on.

Make sure you read that TOS prior to checking that accept box.

XB1_PS42267d ago

@mewhy32 4-1? Where'd you get those numbers. Stop spewing stupid out of your mouth, everytime I see a post from you it makes me cringe.

Salooh2267d ago

They already confirmed that you have to download an update the first moment you turn on the X1 to remove the restrictions .

malokevi2267d ago

4-1? lol. You keep saying that... and you're full of it. You KNOW you're full of it. Why bother?

"The report cites unnamed “market watchers” as saying camera module and optical disc drive yields aren’t hitting expectations. As a result, Microsoft’s Xbox One shipment forecasts for the remainder of 2013 have been slashed to 6.2 million, down from a predicted 7 million less than one month ago. Sony is currently predicted to ship 10 million PlayStation 4 consoles “at launch,” which likely refers to the entirety of holiday quarter 2013."

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gaelic_laoch2267d ago

"I don't see that ever happening with content you're buying today"

But can it happen to content you buy in the future? DRM hasn't gone away you know! It has merely been locked up in the deepest darkest dungeon of M$ BS HQ!

Mounce2267d ago

As he words it, it's honestly a bit fishy in itself and what he could easily be saying since he worded it THIS WAY is:

"What you buy now is what goes with the current policy, if/when the policy changes at a future date, your current content won't be changed to apply to the New policy but your New/Future content you buy after the new policy is set in place will be tied to the new polcy and not the last one"

Honestly sounds like what he's saying, and no I'm not wearing tinfoil hats. Microsoft is known for wording things deliberately as a means of Half-truthing everything. "He told the truth, buuuut that's for the Now and not for the unknown-future in mind.."

vigilante_man2267d ago

That says, "YES. We will bring it back once we find our feet with the XB1 but previous purchases will be okay. Just from then on."

DRM almost confirmed during XB1 lifespan. Interesting...

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iamnsuperman2267d ago

They wouldn't bring back DRM. It would be too hard to bring back. They would have to completely change policies that users would have to agree with which would cause a massive backlash. They just wouldn't do that

Ron_Danger2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

They could very easily do it. Remember it's just a "switch flip" away. And their user agreement includes a section that states you can't sue them for changes they make in the future (I'm on my iPhone and can't find the link at the moment for that fact but I'll post when I do). I don't care if they do or don't since I'm not supporting MS till they show some form of respect for consumers.

Edit... Here's the link

user74029312267d ago

whats with all the goddamn $$$$$$

nukeitall2267d ago


I want some $$$$$$!

Animal Mutha 762267d ago

Yeah I'm sure when you first sign into live on the One there will be a XBL terms of service update that you will have to agree to. We will have to watch that they don't put in any caveats that might allow this in the future.

I also don't think it will happen but this is MS after all and I trust them as little as I do Sony or any other large company.

Nik_P7572267d ago

Once the install base is there, and it will be it is always possible they could start implementing their DRM policies on new games in the future. Just because it's possible doesn't mean it's gonna happen. I think this coming gen of gaming is free from any DRM policies.

gaelic_laoch2267d ago

Just like cigarettes hook em and then milk em!

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