The Death of World Maps

There used to be a staple for JRPGs in that, unlike American RPGs, they had world maps. RPGHead are not talking about a map that shows you a world, or simply a point to point map that takes you to places (ala Fable). What they are talking about is a map where you and your party can explore.

These world maps would be littered with towns, caves, cities, and forests; each with their own name and history. Unfortunately, as gaming gets more and more "nextgen" it seems the concept of a world map remains considerably "lastgen".

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gamesR4fun3844d ago

it be nice if they brought it back for ff13
but no doubt it wont :(

Pandaren003843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

FFVersusXIII is gonna have a world map if i remember right.. i think i read it in an interview or sumthin.

edit: yep, found it. third sentence of the paragraph.

Nomura says that with the help of the disc space on Blu-Ray and the Hard drive in each PS3, The evolution of Final Fantasy XII to XIII will be as big as the evolution of Final Fantasy VI to VII. He also says that Final Fantasy XIII will probably be the first game to use the full specifications of the Playstation 3. Another interesting thing he mentioned was that the airship present in Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be able to take part in airborne assaults over the world map. Hopefully we'll see that in action soon. Finally, Dengeki also asked him once again whether the games will be Playstation 3 exclusives which he replied to with "Of course".

gamesR4fun3843d ago

good find m8 lets hope its every bit as epic as 7 was in its day :D