Why I Found Gamescom Underwhelming

TSA writes: "This time last week, I was trying to figure out where on earth I was supposed to get my fancy lanyard with the pink bit at the bottom, to say that I was part of the gaming press and let me get behind closed doors for my various interviews, game presentations and hands on time."

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ricochetmg1879d ago

All those lame indie games. I agree.

Stsonic1879d ago

How do you think developers from somewhere like naughty dog learned there trade? You must be a kid or just plain stupid.

GryestOfBluSkies1879d ago

i was really hoping to see more new games. especially new IPs

strickers1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Do you know what new IP means ? Go and watch conference again.
Jesus, what is this? Ignorance corner?
This is terrible , even by N4G standards.
So few replies, so few IQ points shared

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Luke_fon_Fabre1879d ago

I'm waiting for that Tokyo game show or whatever it's called. It was a decent Gamescom, but I remember last year's being better. This one really did fall under E3's shadow though.