Microsoft Xbox One to be powered by ginormous system-on-chip

Why does a game console need billions more transistors than an Itanium?

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MWong1970d ago

Everybody keeps saying this system chip is huge, I want to see a picture of it inside the XBone. I guess it's better late than never for XBone to actually talk about the internal workings of the hardware.

mewhy321970d ago

Well micro$oft didn't want to talk about it early because of the inferior hardware compared to the PS4. Now everyone knows that you have to pay 100.00 more and get less on the bone so why not talk about it?

Cueil1970d ago

you're credibility went out the window with the first $

XB1_PS41970d ago

What is the $ supposed to represent? That Microsoft wants money? If so, you should also say $ony. They both obviously do all of this for money. They're not just in this to provide you with games. It's a business. They're both, "something else", before they are gaming companies.

Microsoft is a software company first.
Sony is a consumer electronics co. first.

ThanatosDMC1970d ago

No, the $ is to represent the company's douchyness with the way they treat their consumers, how they go about their business practices, etc.

LoveOfTheGame1970d ago

Oh, that's what it means. Thanks Thanato$DMC.

creatchee1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )


If a $ represents douchyness and treating people poorly, then does that mean we should call you Thanato$DMC?

Edit: bwahahahahaha oh LoveOfTheGame, you ninja!

ThanatosDMC1970d ago

^Same thing. $ = douchyness and treating people poorly

Check my comment history for facts.

ThanatosDMC1967d ago


Lol! Bubbles for you!

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n4rc1970d ago

The same manufacturer makes bigger chips for nvidia.. They have publicially stated yields are better then expected..

Its all bs by people wanting it to fail.. No proof to any of it

dazzrazz1970d ago

They told you size of it in the article 0_o Basically half of the VCR is heatsink, Bluray drive and non replaceable hard drive.

MWong1970d ago

Thanks for the pics. Not too bad, but good lord man that is a huge fan. M$ said RROD my a$$ this next-gen.

n4rc1970d ago

Its designed to be on for 10 years...

The bigger fan is way more efficient (on top of the entire chip)..More air, less noise

PrimeGrime1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I wouldn't say its "ginormous" seems pretty regular in size to me.

Can anyone find any actual photos of what the heat sink looks like, mainly all you can see is just the fan. I understand it is big obviously but that still doesn't mean much if its a crappy heat sink. The Xbox 360 had a big enough heat sink at the time but it was really crappy and almost as thin as tin foil.

So I am just wondering cause I can't find any picture right now myself. So thanks if anyone can find some for me.

P.S. What the hell.. Look at those other designs. I think that Xbox One looks way better than the one they are using . I like the little green strip that lights up and I love the actual pattern on the vents versus to what they are using now.

Has a real classy vintage look to it that one. No idea why they didn't go with that design instead. Looks the best in my opinion.

thisismyaccount1970d ago

According to some FCC Report, you will have to wait til mid Nov. or early dec. for that to happen.

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gaelic_laoch1970d ago

Is "ginormous" a technical term?

Chaostar1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Gaemz jurnolizm ¬_¬

Animal Mutha 761970d ago

A serious piece of engineering. Hard to produce now but the long term benefits will be huge once they bring it's costs down, shrink it and improve yields even further.

It certainly explains why they need such a large heatsink and fan.

RytGear1970d ago

Size =/= Power
Just because its "ginormous" (who was this written by, Roald Dahl!?) does not mean that it has all the power in the known universe and will become the next HeMan.

MWong1970d ago

Yea, that's why as technology advances chips get bigger because size = power.

DarkHeroZX1970d ago

reverse your statement and you've struck gold.

Lazyeye791970d ago

Usually a bigger chip means more power consumption, which leads to more heat being produced. I hope this doesn't lead to another RROD.

PrimeGrime1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Well that is my concern the heat sink seems big enough to address that but I can't find any actual images of what the heat sink itself looks like as far as how thick and how good it would be at dissipating heat.

That is much more important than the actual size of it. I guess the 360 never had a fan directly on the the chip like that so that is definitely good.

Still would like to see the heatsink though like the actual thing, not just the fan.

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