Xbox One passed FCC certification 'before PS4'

Xbox One passed FCC certification "earlier this summer before PS4", Microsoft's Larry Hryb has revealed, suggesting that the console had been further along in the production cycle than Sony's platform.

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aviator1892277d ago

Great to see that both consoles have passed certification.
Now, I await the holidays. :D

SuperLupe2277d ago

MS just made a fool of the entire internet.

mewhy322277d ago Show
gamertk4212277d ago

@mewhy. Get new data, those are estimated figures from a month ago.

LoveOfTheGame2277d ago

Did you watch E3 cause what I saw it was games, games, games vs tv, features, Paywall. It was surprising to see Sony not talk much about games.

Sony had a much better reveal/E3 combo but in now way did they compete with MS E3 when they delivered on being all about games.

PS: I'm pretty sure MS said TV once in their entire E3 conference, which was a pleasant surprise.

JokesOnYou2277d ago Show
HiddenMission2277d ago

really you believe the PR hype man who just yesterday was caught lying about the REAL production problems that are actually impacting the XB1.

He said yesterday on twitter that the stories about productions issues were false.

Then just hours later the manufacture of the XB1 said that the console was really having manufacturing issues.

You have to think Larry has a vested interest in putting either a positive spin on the issue or completely pretend like it doesn't exist.

With regards to this matter there is no document supporting yet another one of his false's called damage control and that is exactly what he is paid to do.

creatchee2277d ago


The internet kinda did it to itself. Nelson just pointed it out.

MusicComposer2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

As far as I know we really only have Amazon as real proof of what preorder sales are currently like. I'm looking at the "best sellers of 2013" on Amazon so far and the preorder data still looks like this.

#4 - Playstation 4 - Launch Edition
#7 - Xbox One - Day One Edition
#29 - Playstation 4 - Standard Edition
#71 - Playstation 4 - Watch Dogs Bundle
#76 - Playstation 4 - Battlefield 4 Bundle

The Xbox One - Standard Edition hasn't even broken into the top 100 yet. It's only data for one place of course, but that's not to say it isn't the same everywhere else. This is about the best we have though, everything else is hearsay.


hqgamez2277d ago

increasing the clock speed means it will have to go pass fcc again.

HammadTheBeast2277d ago


Reported for personal attack JokesonYou.

BattleTorn2277d ago Show
testerg352277d ago Show
s8anicslayer2277d ago

I kind of remember a news post referring to the Xbox One passing FCC cert. But I'm having a hard time finding it. Either way it's good news and I'm guessing PAX we shall get an announced release date.

christocolus2277d ago

i just love the way ms has been quietly answering gamers worries, without making a big deal out of with you superlupe, they did infact make a big fool of those who were making an issue out of nothing...for crying out loud fcc approval? what does that have to do with games?and now fanboys are quick to go on the defensive...

@mewhy32 - from your comment it seems this news hurt you really bad..e3 was amazing for ms, it was all about gret games just as ms said it would...

christocolus2277d ago


i just love the way ms has been quietly answering gamers worries, without making a big deal out of with you dude, they did infact make a big fool of those who were making an issue out of nothing...for crying out loud fcc approval? what does that have to do with games?and now fanboys are quick to go on the defensive...

@mewhy32 - from your comment it seems this news hurt you really bad..e3 was amazing for ms, it was all about gret games just as ms said it would...

jatakk2277d ago


Here's the link to the FCC certification:

JokesOnYou2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

lol, Hammad So me pointing out that yesterday you were questioning multiple times why X1 had not passed FCC as if it pointed to some smoking gun sign of trouble, now it turns out that it was BS so now thats a personal attack? lol, I've been called every name in the ps fanboy haters book and it doesn't bother me one bit because I try to just call it like I see it, some get offended easily and yeah sometimes I'm wrong or go a bit over board but I TRY to be fair minded, still I'm human, either way Im not going to cry to the mods because someone called me out for being wrong.

avengers19782277d ago

Source major Nelson... He's job is to talk up Xbox and let people know everything is fine.
Passing FCC before Sony means very little, since we know Sony will be releasing on Nov 15 and 29, but do not know a release date for XB1. It also means that they cannot make changes to the system( without resubmitting to the FCC )
It also has nothing to do with rumored manufacturing issues.
If MS does not give a release date soon then I fear they won't be releasing in November, and I hope they do for all the people that are waiting for it.

I want the head to head release. Even if it is a week or 2 before or after the PS4.

ShinMaster2276d ago

LOL @ fanboys arguing about the FCC? wow

The issue was that Xbox fans themselves were worried about delays. But somehow they found a way to blame PlayStation fans. And so, they begin to argue.

thechosenone2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

If the Xb1 passed cert months ago then why is this being talked about today? Oh because no one cared about the xb1 and this info back then and they still don't today. heh

Gamingcapacity2276d ago

Just read this
"We are requesting the commission to grant short
term confidentiality request on the
following attachments until
21, 2013

This is why the FCC results aren't common knowledge. Plus November 21st looks like the planned release date.

gaffyh2276d ago

@Gamingcapacity - I thought the exact same thing. It provides a little more evidence that a November 22nd release date could indeed happen.

Dee_Cazo2276d ago

Entire Internet = the same annoying 100 people on this site.

Ju2276d ago

@jatakk Maybe you can fill in the link to the Xbox One, because all your link points to is the Wireless controller. Page 5

Syntax-Error2276d ago

HiddenMessage. Shut Up! All you do is bash Xbox. Sony just shows how classless they are by publically speaking bad about MS. Not once has MS spoken Sony's name in the press. Sony CEO in Europe just went on record by saying MS is dumb for packing in a free game and also saying WE'RE AHEAD OF THEM, SO WHY SHOULD WE GIVE OUR PRE-ORDERS ANYTHING LIKE THAT.

malol2276d ago

seems like MS was trying to rush again !!

LackTrue4K2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I'm mostly on Sony's side when it comes to news and such, but this really?!? out of know where hu???? that the XboxOne did past FCC months ago (before the PlayStation4 did)


pixelsword2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

What's the significance? The early 360 passed the FCC certification before all of the RRoD, and so did the early PS3 before the YLoD, so that doesn't mean that there isn't problems or won't be in the future.

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Bigpappy2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Nan. This is the usual suspects spreading rumors as fact. Usually M$ ignore stuff like this. But because of the recent DMR reversal, they feel like they have to respond to some of the junk being reported.

But is PS fanboy propaganda. This is the first time I have seen a console release where this has been reported as an issue.

2277d ago
StoutBEER2276d ago

Designated Marksman Rifle!

gaelic_laoch2277d ago

Yeah, I'm delighted that both console are ready to go and the wait is nearly over at last!

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Mounce2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I want proof from FCC rather than Microsoft saying so themselves.

They have changed the console specs a bit and it feels like they hadn't finalized it ESPECIALLY since they're basically saying that they got approved before Sony, so, around e3 or before e3 even....

I call bull on this. Wouldn't any spec-changes mean they need it Re-approved?? It's the only thing that I don't know 100%.

^The guy directly above me talks about sheep pretty hypocritically. 'Sony Sheep' - 'Coming from a Microsoft sheep' ... Sheep can't call out other sheep! Unless the other are Goats or something....

SheepA: "LOOK! A SHEEP!"
SheepB: *Stares*
SheepA: "Yea, that's right, you're a cute little sheep :-*"
SheepB: "Chews grass with mouth open ajar"

lastofgen2277d ago

Lol...I can't believe how big of an issue you are making of a product passing FCC.. Why in the world would two microsoft representatives lie about a product passing FCC?

Honestly, it's beyond ridiculous.

XboxFun2277d ago


It's really the only thing some of these folks have to hold on to against the Xbox 1.

I mean we can already cross RAM, NSA, DRM, hUMA, Kinect required, self publishing off the list. What else can they have besides it being 100 dollars more too keep harping on about.

This is what some sony fanboys have devolved too folks, demanding FCC reports. It's past ridiculous and into the realm of plain sad.

Muerte24942276d ago

You can google PS4 passes FCC and you'll get some kinda of article back in July. If you try to good Microsoft FCC certification you'll get Major Nelson's quote. Engadget still hasn't reported on it yet either sooo.....

Izzy4082276d ago

You're one of those people who believe Obama is from Kenya, aren't you?

Mounce2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

All of your comments in being some outlandish, upset and disgruntled Xbox fanboy gave me Cancer. Hope you're happy.

Seems like there's more fanboys ravaging this section than Gamers, where you can't ask a question or inquire for more info without being attacked by insecure fans of a specific platform while being declared a fanboy of another platform illogically and irrationally. My God, and especially someone named Xbox Fun with 2 bubbles getting more Agrees than Disagrees is just sad.

@Muerte2494 - I'm at least god damn glad SOMEONE else here has common fucking sense.... desperate and defensive fanboys here are attacking me simply for asking for PROOF. Cause certainly ASKING FOR PROOF makes me a hellspawn of a fanboy for Sony. A deluded sheep would be one who is okay without evidence and attacks those who ask questions for details. A grounded individual would understand that Word-of-mouth isn't Factual and that if the FCC confirmed X1, we'd have something leaked, we'd have confirmation, we'd have Microsoft officially announcing that it's Clear and Gold. There is not a single company that doesn't shred light directly or indirectly about passing FFC or about their games going Gold.

So, to the rabid xbox fanboys, lastofgen, 'XboxFun', calm down and crawl back in your cave. Me making a joke and asking questions apparently is:

"Making this a big issue" and: "This is what some sony fanboys have devolved too folks, demanding FCC reports. It's past ridiculous and into the realm of plain sad."

People like this guy just act like a child and people seem to be okay with that and even agree with him, where's the fun?! Where's the maturity in any of these posts?! CMON! I didn't even need to tell anyone what I prefer or what my favorite console is and I'm blatantly called a Sony fanboy, give me a damn break. -_- Least Sony fanboys are Rational albeit cocky, unlike what I'm seeing here.

maniacmayhem2276d ago


I really think you're the one missing the point and while you are definitely missing it it's you who sounds more upset and disgruntled. Especially your whole "you want proof" or the whole sheep statement.

I agree with XboxFun and the rest, wanting to see a FCC report is just plain stupid. When in console history has ANYONE requested that? When has this become a big deal?

Why not request the blueprints for the ship routes from China to what ever other country the X1 will ship to?

It's that stupid.

It's not sheep who don't ask when there's no issue. It's fools who make bigger deals out of non-issues that's more concerning.

"There is not a single company that doesn't shred light directly or indirectly about passing FFC..."

really, where was the N4G article for the WiiU, PS3, 360 and the Wii?

Mounce2276d ago

You're making a mountain of a molehill on my comment as well. Twisting my words around quite a lot. rofl. Between XboxFun saying I'm 'DEMANDING' to you saying I'm 'REQUESTING'

Apparently by saying, "I want proof of this" due to mistrust of a company like Microsoft who're prone to be liars and use misinformation to get the upper hand and half-truths. Asking for proof makes me 'Upset and disgruntled'? Never go full-retard.

That and your analogy is completely random and you seem to be everywhere in exaggerations.

Sheep, they don't ask questions because they feel they don't need to know the complete details. As it's been shown here, I ask or input a statement in which I'd feel better knowing there was actual PROOF....and I get attacked by zealous fanboys who defend a hunk of plastic and a company who has no affiliation to them. Soooooo logical, so Un-sheep like, Totally. I'm not making a 'Big Deal' of it as people like you are making a big deal of my comment, in which I make a very Very simple inquiry. You all seem to be losing your minds as if me asking for actual proof outside of them simply saying 'Yes', you're all overreacting while comically proclaiming I am the one overreacting. I'm simply at awe and shock how ignorant these zealous fanboys are who seem to be attacking me over such a trivial comment.

I'm sure I could say "I want proof that this is chocolate icecream and not infact Fudge" and I'd get zealous puppets coming at me like you and the 2 others below me, attacking me and telling me things like "HOW DARE YOU ASK FOR PROOF!" - "Wow! You're asking, QUESTIONS?! SO DRAMATIC Dude! He said it's chocolate, why are you so demanding you French Vanilla fanboy!"

^Note, how stupid you all sound to me can be compared to my Icecream analogy. I can't ask if something is chocolate icecream without being attacked, completely retarded by all accounts.

And you want proof of my claims that other consoles get FCC passes, even N4G wise? I'm fine with embarrassing you just a little, here's PS3 and PS3 Slims for one. Though comically I have to stop here because if I try to do quick google searches for Wii U or the like, all I get are bombardments of 'THIS' news piece or EVERYTHING about X1, even typing "Nintendo Wii U" and the first damn links I get are Xbox One related about this 'controversy' or at that, the awkwardness of this news piece being the newest thing.


PS3 Slims?

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Convas2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present, for your consideration ...

... the Gaming world's equivalent of The Birther Movement.

We literally now have "gamers" arguing that Microsoft, a multinational company that has produced countless products in the past, needs to announce officially that they've cleared the FCC, a process that has NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER garnered any attention, except now. Because it's "M$".

We've hit a very, very, very new low here folks.

tiffac0082277d ago

I don't get it either. Too much drama over nothing.

I mean FCC approval arguments... -_-

RavageX2277d ago

To be honest with you this WHOLE damn thing has been sad.

Sad from the day MS did their console reveal.

The only plus so far as been the fact gamers stood against the crap they were pulling.

Things should have calmed down after MS did their flipping, at least to the point where games are the main discussion, but instead we have this kinda BS.

What does THIS have to do with gaming? Not a damn thing.

BallsEye2277d ago

Bad news about XO give Sony fanboy clicks therefore more and more crap articles like the one about FCC come out. And of course lets not forget who approves them.

rainslacker2276d ago

There's ways to search that information out if people are so inclined. Someone above posted a link, although it's for the controller it appears, and don't see an approval, but was filed last month. I tried, but couldn't find anything, but companies can request their documents be held confidential, so I dunno.

I don't know why MS would lie about something like this. I'm sure the truth would come out, and it's such a petty thing to argue over. MS releases so many things that require FCC approval, I'm sure they have an entire department just for that.

Nocando2276d ago

It's because Sony fans hate MS more than they love gaming.

Ju2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Maybe. W/e. Call me one of those. But I don't like MS because I love games.

The best ever that came out from MS was keeping Sony at their toes and brought them back down to earth.

But seriously. Everything this company touches goes down the drain. And into their own pockets. And for the people arguing how much MS invests into research and welfare - that's like preaching to a bank robber because he donates 20% what he stole in the first place. Yep, that's OT, and a rant. But gotta say it. At least once.

Do we really want MS to dominate this market segment, too? Really? You were/are fine with their policies, huh. Or not? re 180s...

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Eddie201012276d ago

Who cares we all knew they were going to get FCC certification anyway.

By the way the Xbox fanboys were just as bad about this subject as the Sony fanboys were.

Ripsta7th2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Actually the Sony fans felt bad about some PS fanboys here that a miracle may have occured on this article... for ONCE i saw them united

Eddie201012275d ago

You prove what ass holes Xbox fans can be.

2276d ago
3-4-52276d ago

XB1 made mistakes BEFORE PS4.

This article is stupid.

StoutBEER2276d ago ShowReplies(1)
jessupj2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Wow, so many MS fanboys in this article that have crawlen out of their caves.

I guess when it's the first good news about the X1 since literally E3 they have to run with it.

And now all of a sudden the FCC is unimportant?

The smugness in these comments is making me physically ill.

For the rest of the actual decent MS fans, I'm happy for you.

droc11232276d ago

Its amazing to see how a simple comment about u being happy that both consoles passed certification and that ur excited for this holiday season can generate dislikes.. I don't get. but I too am excited for this holiday seasons!

droc11232276d ago

Its amazing to see how a simple comment about u being happy that both consoles passed certification and that ur excited for this holiday season can generate dislikes.. I don't get it. But I too am excited for this holiday seasons! great to be a gamer right now.

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iamnsuperman2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I said this in the other article that someone post this.

"I am not calling him a liar but why haven't they released it or why hasn't anyone seen it. One sure fire why to disprove something is to show it"

Why hide it? If it has been through the FCC then why don't they post something about it (considering everyone thinks they haven't. It would instantly stop those people bring it up). Just seems odd

vigilante_man2277d ago

I agree. If you have it, show it. It gives confidence to those who have pre-ordered.

There must be details on this somewhere...

UnHoly_One2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

See, that's exactly it, Vigilante.

It doesn't "give confidence" to those that have pre-ordered.

You know why??


Nobody, not one person that actually WANTS to buy an XB1 cares for one second about an FCC certification. 99% of them probably never even heard of such a thing.

The ONLY people that care are the Sony Defense Force who want to use it as part of their smear campaign against MS.

You guys seriously pick the most asinine things to complain about, too...

FCC certification, AA Batteries, a power brick, and the fact that the console is two inches bigger than the PS4.

Seriously??? Whoopty-Freakin-Doo.

We are 3 months away from finally having 2 new consoles to put in our entertainment centers, and you guys are so far up Sony's backside that you have to come up with crap like this to slam the competition?

Give it a rest. Nobody that has any common sense gives a crap about any of these things.

Which is why you don't see the "Xbots" spewing similar crap back about the PS4. Those of us that like Xbox, or like both consoles have enough sense to realize that things like this simply don't matter.

spektical2276d ago

AA batteries are a legitimate complaint. I'm sorry I just dont feel like scrounging middle earth for AA batteries.

CerebralAssassin2277d ago

Honestly who cares when it passes fcc. Only thing consumers should care about is the price tag, release date, and launch titles. People should not concern themselves with the logistics of things like fcc approval. Quite frankly, they dont have to say anything other then a release date.

KwietStorm2277d ago

Which they haven't, which further fueled the debate about the FCC filling. People are concerned about it's release. Kinda silly to say, "honestly who cares when it passes FCC."

JeffGUNZ2277d ago

@ KwietStorm.

MS was waiting for Sonys launch date. Expect MS to announce their launch date at Pax. I still have a strong feeling it will launch with COD Ghosts.

CerebralAssassin2277d ago

Theres no reason to debate about the fcc approval. The only thing that should matter is the release date. Even though they havent said anything doesnt mean they dont have a release date. Im sure they are just pulling a page out of sonys book by letting sony take the lead to they can have a better strategy.

this is the first time ive heard of gamers concerning themselves with something like fcc approval. Thats whats silly here. More will people have it as an excuse to jab ms more and its silly.

HiddenMission2277d ago

Who should care you say...well you if you are a potential buyer.

If they haven't passed FCC yet then there could be potential hardware issues. The manufacture of the XB1 just yesterday said they have parts shortages and assembly issues that are so sever that they had to cut yields by almost a million units.

If they don't get through FCC in the next month or so then you the potential buyer of gen 1 XB1's could get possible faulty hardware due to MS rushing to get to market to compete with the PS4...just saying it does matter.

creatchee2277d ago


"this is the first time ive heard of gamers concerning themselves with something like fcc approval."

Gamers aren't concerned about this - fanboys are. They look for anything that could possibly be perceived (even by the broadest definition of the word) as bad, and jump on it. And pound on it. And jump on it some more. And then drop a piano on it. And then when they are proven wrong, they just find something else to do the same process to.

BattleTorn2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

"If they haven't passed FCC yet then there could be potential hardware issues."

*re-reads article* "before PS4"

Then, the PS4 MUST have had hardware issues, if they passed FFC after Xbox, right, right RIGHTR!! (of course not, your logic isn't reversable)

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green2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Because it is not news. It is not a big deal, never will and should never have been one in the first place.

Microsoft announced the Surface end of summer stating the the Surface Pro will go on sale in january. The pro passed certification in December of 2012 and Microsoft never announced it at all

"A few weeks ago, Microsoft re-confirmed that its Surface Pro tablet, running on an Intel chip and with Windows 8 Pro inside, would ship in January with the starting price of $899. Now it looks like the tablet might have quietly gone through the approval process of the US Federal Communications Commission."

Apple unveiled the New Ipad on the 7th of March 2012, it passed FCC certification that very day and wento on sale on the 16th of the same month. Do you seriously think that Apple started manufacturing millions of devices after FCC certification then ship them out to retailers in 9 days?

These companies have released hundreds of products, they have the FCC guide book and know it like ABC so they build their devices to those standards. They then have internal teams that test and then re-test and then confirm that they meet all industry standards so they have absolutely nothing to worry about.

You all should please go and educate yourself on all these things before trying to use it to feed fanboy agendas.

iamnsuperman2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Bit it is now news. That is my point. A simple picture that can be tweeted of the document (like we saw with the PS4 FCC stuff) to disprove what people are saying. I am surprised they haven't done this already (even to counter the PS4 FCC "news")

edit: People are concerned about the release date because the original regions are less than before and they haven't even announced a release date yet is bad PR for Microsoft. An FCC document says to people, don't worry we are on track and squashes any bad news about this

XB1_PS42277d ago

FCC, isn't some crazy superhero like feat. When's the last time you saw something revealed and thought, "Oh! I hope this passes the FCC!". It's Microsoft, a multi Billion dollar company. They can pass the FCC just as easy as the bootleg Chinese mp4 players.

SuperLupe2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Dude give it up.

FCC isnt supposed to be news thats why MS didnt bother saying anything about it. Its only become a big deal because Sony made a whole fuss about it while MS were just there chilling.

Calling a November 8th launch.

No_Limit2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I just LOL at these comments. Why would FCC certification ever a huge thing for companies that require them to hold a press conference or dedicate a news release about it? Just because Engadget discovered the FCC approval for the PS4, and it made its round on these message boards and other sites doesn't mean it is such a huge difference maker that it requires official statement from the companies.
FYI, Sony themselves also never made any official comments regarding their FCC certification.

@iamnsuperman below,
"Like I mention above but it is news now since people found that."

That is what both both Major Nelson and Penello just did, they responded to the questions people were asking them with the same identical answers that "XB1 had passed FCC." What else you want MS to do, give you guys a cookie?

iamnsuperman2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Like I mention above it is news now since people found that PS4 document. Add to the fact that people are concerned about the release date as it has yet to be announced (with the other rumours circulating about manufacturing issues and the whole releasing regions being decreased) the FCC approval has become something very important. Just releasing the document gives faith to those who pre-ordered that things are on track and no worried. Good PR