Sony Prefers to Partner with Third-Party Titles That Are 'New and Fresh'

Push Square: "Take a quick glance at the Xbox One’s lineup, and you’ll see timed exclusive content coming out of the console’s ears. Microsoft has partnered with titles such as Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, and Call of Duty: Ghosts, whereas Sony has been a little quieter in this department. That doesn’t mean that it’s not out striking deals, though – it just prefers to join forces on games that are 'new and fresh'."

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Excalibur2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

As much as I would play Uncharted 4 or Gears 4 without batting an eye, I have to agree, Next gen I want some fresh and new I.P.'s

The Devs are getting more expansive hardware, I want to see them stretch their imaginations and take some risks instead of part 5 0r 6 of something we've all already played.

XB1_PS42275d ago

With a new Generation, comes a craving for new IPs. It's only natural to want to switch everything up when you switch your console. No doubt, both Microsoft and Sony want to acquire new IPs to sell systems. That's the type of battle I like.

dirigiblebill2275d ago

At times, both Sony and Microsoft are guilty of thinking "old PC game" equals "new IP".

mewhy322275d ago

this definitely fits Sony's model of bringing new and fresh ips to the market. they've been doing it for years with exclusives and they are doing it now with 3rd party developers too. Sony innovates and tries to move the market forward and micro$oft just thinks we're all stupid and wants to milk us for everything they can get.

Death2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Yeah it's either that or Sony is broke and can't secure the deals that Microsoft can. Destiny is a no brainer for them since Bungie is trying to distance themselves from Microsoft and forge a new identity. It would probably be a little tougher to entice Playstation gamers if they released exclusive content on the Xbox One.

Clearly Sony securing the exclusive GTA bundle, theme and discounts on previous Rockstar games shows they only invest in new IP's. $ony knows people are stupid and will believe whatever they say.

kreate2275d ago


"Sony is broke and can't secure the deals that Microsoft can"

They're in debt but I don't think they're broke or maybe they are.

But sony spends money making their own games.

Microsoft isn't as good making games so they throw money at other game companies to make games for them.

This is how they "secure the deal"

But maybe Microsoft is also good at making games? I know they made a bunch of kinect titles cuz nobody else wants to make them.

Death2275d ago

Sony bought the devs to make the games. They created very little. They have also shut down some of the devs since the games they created didn't sell.

Microsoft tried the same thing. Buying a developer doesn't mean they are going to make them money or create great new IP's. Rare, Fase and Bungie have proven that buying the developer has no guarantees.

I love the people that brag about Sony's exclusive catalog and don't actually buy the games. Sony has a handfull of exclusives that sell incredibly well just like Microsoft. Sony also has many games that fail to break even or make a profit.

christocolus2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Kreate and deaths comments made me laugh so hard.......but they kind of have some good points

kreate2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

"Sony has a handfull of exclusives that sell incredibly well just like Microsoft"

again, the difference is that sony's games are made by sony and Microsoft's games that "sell incredibly well" are made by bungie and epic which are not under Microsoft. Again, this is the result of the "secure the deal" business strategy.

The best Microsoft made game is age of empire which was to counter starcraft.

First party games guarantees exclusivity.

I don't disagree with Microsoft's "secure the deal" strategy cuz its a working formula.

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Jeff2572275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Well already at launch they have Driveclub and Knack. I think Driveclub is trying to do some new things. I personally am looking forward to Knack. I know that their are those who don't care for that type of game though. We also have The Order 1886 coming out next year from Ready At Dawn. That is also a new IP that will hopefully be a lot of fun and do well. And lastly we know Guerrilla Games is working on a new IP but with them releasing Killzone Shadowfall with the PS4 I wouldn't expect to see the new game until 2015-2016. Beyond that we have no idea what the other Sony studios are working on. We just know they are working on something.

On another note I am looking forward to playing Watchdogs in the fall and then Destiny I am sure will occupy a lot of my time when it comes out next year. I do love Sci Fi type games and if they deliver on what they are promising then we will have a great game on our hands.

Just to add one more thing, there is one IP that I desperately wish would see a return on the PS4. That game is War Of The Monsters. I could just imagine what kind of online battles we could have if they brought that back to the PS4.

cyclindk2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Seriously, I mean I LOVE the hardware decisions, choice of great current IPs with sequels coming and even how the OS is to function on PS4, but I really am less excited than I was when PS3 was coming out simply due to the fact that I have a very short list of things coming out that are original titles.

Actually sort of odd.

So I am very happy, just not as giddy despite I will play BF4 and Killzone and Watchdogs endlessly and The Last of Us is one of the only non-shooter multiplayer games I play, in fact, the only other multiplayer game I play apart from BF3 these days.

Even when Battlefront 3 releases which should be amazing, it ain't really new new.

Heavenly Sword.... gimme.

Jeff2572275d ago

I do wish Ninja Theory would either work with Sony to finish out the trilogy they had planned or Sony would find a way to make it happen. I loved the first game and I still own it. In fact I recently played through it again a few weeks ago.

panbit862275d ago

HEAVENLY SWORD!!!! Yes! Please God!

cyclindk2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Loved the game, few aspects needed work, but it was an early title

HATED how short it was :)

They just needed to tweak the "arrow" controlling stuff, Bulletstorm did better with that. Otherwise... god I loved all the characters, the voice acting, story and the title was distinctive and awesome too!

Maybe that's what scared so many other devs away from trying any new IPs... if something of that caliber "fails" then it would be no wonder.

Andy Serkis is a blessing to games and cinema where it concerns bringing essentially non-existent characters to life.

Kai was funny and quirky, Serkis' character was awesome, snake lady also awesome, what's her face main girl good strong female character and voice (and outfit ;) crazy gittery knifeblade guy was so weird but cool. Ah, great missed opportunity there.

panbit862275d ago

What i love about Sony and their consoles is that in every new platform it's not just the returning ips that steal the show but also the new franchises! For example in ps3 games like Uncharted, TLOU, LBP, Motorstorm, Resistance, Heavy Rain, Infamous etc really shined along many old ips!

Minato-Namikaze2275d ago

Yup i like that they do that, but then sometimes I wish they would make a new legend of the dragoon, colony wars, g-police, or dark cloud. Its a gift and a curse but i cant be mad for having new IP's.

stage882275d ago

Watch Dogs and Destiny being two examples.

XB1_PS42275d ago

The timed content for those is huge, I feel like those 2 games are what everyone will be looking at. And Sony has the content for them.

Jeff2572275d ago

If Sony did the same type of deals for those games on the PS4 that they have done for other games on PS3 then I doubt any of it is timed. Out of the two games though I am interested in seeing exactly what the extra missions are in Watchdogs I am more excited to find out what the content will be in Destiny.

Golden_Mud2275d ago

But Microsoft securing The Division is a great deal

SuperLupe2275d ago

Cant get newer and fresher than The Division its its getting exclusive content on Xbox.

And whats so new and fresh about Assassins Creed 4 ? They striked a deal for exclusive content for that.

Kayant2275d ago

The point is they have striked more deals with new IP's than already well established ones. Like you mentioned in your post.

Drakesfortune2275d ago

They Striked the deal with assassins creed a long time go and it is just continuing into this gen!

Golden_Mud2275d ago

Nah , looks like the deal is ending this year with Sony ; Ubisoft is heading to Microsoft , they already began by securing exclusive content for the Xbox One from The Division

ZHZ902275d ago

Nothing newer and fresh than Watch Dogs and Destiny. :)

And so what's new and fresh about Fifa, BF and CoD?

Clearly you are Xbox fanboy trolling at PS4 article.

dcj05242275d ago

You dont play battlefield much do you? Only comparable game is warhawk and Battlefront.

Kayant2275d ago

Shots fired loool :p.

Cueil2275d ago

Titan Fall *drops mic*

Flutterby2275d ago

On pc and hasn't been seen on anything else yet *drops mic*

bobtheimpaler2275d ago

On PC and timed exclusivity on XB1. Just like the majority of 360 "Exclusives".

Cueil2275d ago

Wow... just wow... you people bring up it's "lack" of exclusivity on a 3rd party partnership article?

Hicken2275d ago

Wow, you brought up one game as if to prove Microsoft's doing the same thing.

The point is that this is a TREND with Sony, not a one-off.

Cueil2275d ago

how do I respond to ignorance? I don't have the patients to correct you so just live in your little Sony bubble

Hicken2275d ago

... so you're a doctor?

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