Epic's next game called "Rocket"

It looks like Epic's next game will be called Rocket.

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sobotz2271d ago

I want fortnite for next-gen too

Blank2271d ago

Seriously I was wondering about Fortnite myself I am curious about it.

XB1_PS42271d ago

Fortnite looks cool, like some sort of third person tower defense game. I could be wrong about that. lol, but I want a AAA blow me away type game from Epic. I cannot wait until Saturday at 7pm est. If it is Rocket, then I hope Rocket is impressive.

inveni02271d ago

Glad I'm not the only one who hasn't forgotten about Fortnite. I find it strange that they're hyping another game announcement when we haven't seen anything about their last announcement since it was announced in the first place.

MWong2271d ago

Fortnite impressed me when it was first mentioned and then it died. I wonder what this game Rocket will be about? What type of FPS will we be getting?

Heartnet2271d ago

wouldnt TPS be more fitting?

bsquwhere2271d ago know Epic made games before Gears right. Their whole popularity is from Unreal Tournament. That's if your older than 12.

TheXgamerLive2271d ago

I can GUARANTEE you it will not be called Rocket.

slimeybrainboy2271d ago

I want this to be next gen and multiplat. Could easily be exclusive though. Why do Epic not like PS anyway?

ZHZ902271d ago

Same here I am hoping Epic support PS as well as Xbox.

PraxxtorCruel2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

I'm all for games reaching out to as many people as possible but for now XBOX really need to draw people in. If the pre-order charts are to be believed MS has to do everything in order to balance the pre-orders...This game might just be what brings MS back in the game...

vigilante_man2271d ago

We are still knee deep in this gen. Don't worry about MS catching up for next gen. As Sony have proved, if you provide the studios and the games people will come.

If Microsoft can actually make good on their promise and spend time, money & energy on studios we should see some great franchises in 2-3 years time.

If they do that, and make a XB1 slim I may actually get one. Its all about the games..

Blank2271d ago

Well they favored Xbox this gen due to its pc similar architecture. Now next gen they have littel to no excuse but to even out the love, unless there are other backdoor factors...

Oh also a small role was cliffys affection for Xbox and its controller he loves it. It was mentioned in an interview, not that epic favors MS but the whole he prefers the x360 remote.

DeadlyFire2271d ago

Epic likes PS. They do make some multiplatform games. Like Unreal Tournament, and Bulletstorm. Microsoft is only paying them to make Gears of War exclusive.

christocolus2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

thats wrong dude...epics mark rein has stated several times that gears is what it is cause of the support they got from ms, he stated also the game would never be if not for ms....just google "mark rein on gears of war xbox 360 exclusivity"....its also hinted that the recent gears of war is the start of a new triology.

christocolus2271d ago

thats wrong dude...epics mark rein has stated several times that gears is what it is cause of the support they got from ms, he stated also the game would never be if not for ms....just google mark rein on gears of war xbox 360 exclusivity....its also hinted that the recent gears of war is the start of a new triology.

DeadlyFire2262d ago

They say this due to money they got from Microsoft that they label as support.

I never said they were planning on bringing Gears to other platforms. I said they have made other games for PS/XB/PC as an example that is all.

Gamer19822271d ago

As for EPIC not liking PS thats crap Cliffy B doesnt but EPIC do. Remember the PS3 version of unreal had mods unlike the 360 version and got praise off EPIC for the power to do this. Gears 1 and 2 were part of an exclusive deal on xbox 360 and MS tied up the last 2 games and paid a crap load of money for the final 2 games. Keep in mind to buy out a game that late in a generation you gotta buy up the loss of potential sales. that deal would have cost MS in the tens of millions for each game..

H0RSE2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Which is one of MS's strengths - money. They have the "resources" to do things like this. Sony...not so much.

Heartnet2271d ago

Wasnt Bulletstorm on ps3?

bsquwhere2271d ago

They don't hate Sony. Unreal on PS3 was the only console version that had mods, and they loved that. MS payer Cliffy B a ton of cash for Gears.

Minato-Namikaze2271d ago

They do support PS. Unreal tournament and bulletstorm? its just gears thats exclusive and thats because MS is writing that big a$$ check.

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JunioRS1012271d ago

Red?... Immature?... Subtle?

thetruthx12271d ago

Another new X1 exclusive I hope seeing how Epic and Ms has a good relationship

Gamer19822271d ago

Cliffy B had the good relationship with them and hes left now. Thats why Sony showed off Unreal Engine at there presentation proving EPIC have been porting there engine over to there console. Trust me EPIC support PS just as much as Xbox.

Heartnet2271d ago

Dude epic made Unreal engine obv and hundreds of games use that...

UNreal is for all consoles and has been since ever xD Hell DCUO uses unreal as well as many others..

U dont port an engine to the console :( lack of knowledge

HammadTheBeast2271d ago

You mean the millions MS paid them for Gears exclusivity?

Heartnet2271d ago

Yeh which would lead to a good relationship -_- hell give me a Mil and ill be ur best friend :D

GraveLord2271d ago


Gears of War Judgement flopped miserably. XBox One is severely underpowered and complicated to develop for.

Something tells me that if this game is an exclusive, its a PS4 one.

Mr1Y2271d ago

Severely ??? XD lol to funny you get severely underpowered from 40% less powerful than the ps4

thetruthx12271d ago

Whether it was strictly business or a personal relationship it was still a good one seeing how it lasted all this time

Making a game engine and making an exclusive game using your engine are two different things

Gears has been exclusive since it's creation in what 2005

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Kleptic2271d ago

I didn't think huxley was ever Epic's was some Korean developer, right? The two development companies did work together with network code, which ended up in UE3, but Huxley was axed years ago last i heard...

Septic2271d ago

I don't remember but I know it was based on the unreal engine. I waited AGES for that to come out :(

Kleptic2271d ago

yeah i don't know what happened to it exactly...Some rumors said the developer was absorbed by SOE...who made the F2P Planetside 2...which also has a good bit of a similarity to the Huxley tech demo thing (halo'ish gameplay, but with mmorpg like persistence and player counts)...

not sure though...I actually forgot all about that game until i saw your post haha...

TheFamous12270d ago

I followed Huxley forever.. I was so hyped for it. It was developed by Webzen using Unreal 3 I believe (with some Nvidia technology too). I think it eventually got delayed and then finally beta'd or released in Asia, but turned out to be pretty bad.

Septic2270d ago

Ah yes Webzen. That's the one! It looked like it had so much potential. A MMO FPS with twitch arena style gameplay in the vein of unreal tournament. Oh well....I guess it was never meant to be :'(

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