Braindancing becomes a reality with the first human brain-to-brain interface

MWEB GameZone writer, Han Cilliers, takes a look at the first ever recorded human, non-invasive, brain-to-brain interface. It was tested via the Internet – while the subject was playing (yes you guessed it) – a video game.

Successful brain-to-brain transmission means that information locked in the brain will be able to be transmitted electronically. The implications of this are staggering.

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Choc_Salties1881d ago

Didnt i see this in a movie somewhere with taking over bots or somesuch?

lord zaid1881d ago

The video game applications for this scare me. Anyone see that bad movie with Gerard Butler and the guy from Dexter. That is all I see happening with this tech.

GabeSA1881d ago

What happens if their brains get sucked into the machine and the code gets warped and it like so takes over the world or something? Not a good idea :P

HanCilliers1881d ago

The things the human mind can invent, it's staggering, mind blown

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