Debate of the Week: Best Final Fantasy

There is a lot of debate over which is the best Final Fantasy game. The two obvious choices would be either Final Fantasy VII, or Final Fantasy VI. Of course, those that really know the series will also have found much enjoyment out of some of the other Final Fantasy games, such as IX, X, IV, and maybe even XI (the MMORPG). There are many, many Final Fantasy games out there to choose. So many, in fact, that it makes this choice very hard. So which one is the best?

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thor3930d ago

FF9 was my favourite! It was classic fantasy, set apart from the others because most of them are set in the future with guns and stuff. Though it was the first one I played so that probably biases it a bit.

Breakfast3930d ago

Its awesome how everyone differs in opinion...but, MY opinion is greater then yours :) FF9, followed by FF7 and FF8.

meepmoopmeep3930d ago

my EB had 9 available but i waited too long and today i checked and someone bought it already :(
my favorite is VII to IX

sephiroths_revenge3930d ago

this webste should have debate of the week all the time made by the moderators


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DRUDOG3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Can't agree with you on this one Breakfast. VII was awesome, but I think that I had the most fun playing X. Story was cool, the characters rocked and blitzball has got to be the best minigame of all time. Lulu...

My fondest memories from the old NES days were playing Zelda and the first FF on the NES in the states. I believe it was actually FFIII. I loved that game. I'd played nothing like and it was one of the greatest adventures I'd ever had.

Sh!t, I wonder how many hours I've spent playing all the FF's...

Megaton3930d ago

IX was my favorite of all the PS1 Final Fantasy titles, but not my favorite of all time.

For me it goes:
VI > XII > IX > all others.

Yes, yes, I know. I'm one of the not-so-many who loved XII. Everything about that game was enjoyably fresh to me (except the worthlessness of the Espers, that sucked).

KBDuB3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

FF9... eww. =] Was that the one that was like a cartoon? with that midget with a black face and pointed hat?? Is that the right one? My all time favorite was FF8. Followed VERY closely by 7..

Omegasyde3930d ago

FFX has best story, with the villian being HUGE. Weak Characters though
FFV1 had a bad ass boss too.
FFVIII had the best weapon still to this day, the lionheart, half gun half blade. Weakest villian ever, great ending however.

FFVII had best supporting cast, and without them Cloud would be nothing.
Even Seperoth helped define Cloud as a badass. Greatest Music too.

FF9 had a good fighting sytem and a good story, the characters were however weak. Good summons as well.

FF12 sucked. The summons sucked, The story was weird. Its only saving grace was Balthier.

Danja3930d ago

FF9 was my fave from the PS1 era...

but my fave would be FFX...

top 3..


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EZCheez3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

But I really think FFVII is above and beyond ANY other Final Fantasy. The storyline was fantastic, the antagonist was one of the best of any story ever told on any medium, and everything in the game worked to perfection.

I still think the Materia system was the best form of weapons variation, and the Chocobo breeding added even more depth. I can't even remember how many of those f'in Chocobo races I did just to get the infamous Gold Chocobo. Remember the anticipation when the screen would black out after you breeded chocobo's? You'd hope to hell you got lucky and got the one you really wanted.

I know others will argue for the earlier versions, but I'll just agree to disagree. And everything after FFVII just felt like they were trying too hard to make the magic happen again.

And one more thing. Aeris. Need I say more?

EDIT-I will give IX props though. The characters were actually somewhat amusing. I actually skipped school to pick up FFVIII. That game was such a huge disappointment for me. I just couldn't get interested in the characters.

SeanScythe3931d ago

Aeris is a one of a kind female character. Her death was the only time I played game and felt depressed and the sudden need to get revenge in one game.

Chuck Norris3930d ago

VII is my favorite, followed by IX. Favorite characters are Cloud, Tifa, Vivi, and Steiner.

SeanScythe3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

FFVII It brought the entire series to life, unlike any before it. The story is still being told to this day and it's a great story.

FFVII is really the only PS1 game I would buy for my PS3 and PSP if they released it to download or buy. I have it for my PS1 and PC but I would love to have it on my system to play when ever I want.

Harry1903931d ago

FF& is my personal favourite.

Breakfast3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

lol you mean 7, great game too. But i prefer 9 over all of them.

Neo-Delta3931d ago

FFX is still my favourite. That game was just wow .