USA Pre-Order Chart 24/8/13

Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3, PS4, 360, X1) gets a small boost.

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ZBlacktt2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Looks like once MS dropped all the restrictive polices. The gamers started buying COD for the X1. Was in 19th spot last week.

The other mind blowing thing is current Gen doing better then Next Gen on the same games. People are either not buying Next Gen. Or totally unaware that both games will play the same. But not even remotely look the same. The Next Gen games are going to blow away current Gen on same games like Watch Dogs, AC4 BF, etc...

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iamnsuperman2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

"The other mind blowing thing is current Gen doing better then Next Gen on the same games"

That isn't that mind blowing. There are factors to consider here. Firstly there is the upgrade programme. In the UK COD on 360/PS3 is £35. The next gen version is £45. The upgrade system only charges you £10. So there is no extra cost involved (I know this is the USA and my example is the UK but I would assume the same thing would happen in the USA eventually)

Then you have to factor in the systems selling out on pre-orders. Not everyone can get a next gen console. Also people wait to see if the next gen consoles have defects. It isn't unusual for current gen version to out sell their next gen counterparts (especially within the first couple of months)

ZBlacktt2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

"Not that mind blowing"

Need more info I can post Watch Dogs as well. Along with many "other" Next Gen games. Perhaps you should consider not everyone here is from the UK and from the USA. Where the system comes out first and makes more sense to what I said ( Games come out, system comes out dates ). This news is on USA pre orders. Been around this hobby a very very very very long time. So more then aware. That's why your last paragraph I covered.

Just on AC4 BF alone.

Richer deeper visuals and effects. Smoke from the ships cannon fire, water effects on the ships deck, the way the jungles and forest, trees and bushes react to movement. Random wind effects with more realism. A lot more added effects like birds flying out of bushes when you move through them. The same is said for other open world games such as Watch Dogs, more dense populations in the city, inter reaction with AI, leaves, papers flying in the wind, deeper colors and textures etc. Share button to show others your encounters of random events... They will be using the touch pad on the DS4. Just a few stories as each link is different.

" Even without the additional features, Guesdon says the PlayStation 4 version of the game will be the best version to play. "You can imagine that we will use [the PlayStation 4's] full capacity and the potential of the console. Just graphically speaking it will be really enhanced. Just think about the lighting, the physics, the ocean simulation that will be experienced."

Summing up the PS4 version of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag as "better looking, better simulation, and some more features."

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer on PS4 - 60fps / 64 Players Confirmed.

Killzone Shadow Fall 1080p - 60fps Confirmed

Yeah, not mind blowing.

iamnsuperman2277d ago


I advice you read my comment after your original comment. I explained why current gen pre-orders are above next gen pre-orders (which is why I said it "isn't that mind blowing" (i.e. the concept)

Tw1tch3D2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

It's simple...because they're are still a lot of gamers on the current gen, and why it's a great business move by Rockstar to fully develop and release GTA V on current gen then wait for next gen, therefore reaping in the rewards for doing so.

If anything, the only games I'll buy for next gen would either be multiplayer or IPs exclusive to next gen.

Games like AC4 or Watchdogs on next gen...meh! I'd rather wait for The Division.

kneon2277d ago

It's not at all surprising, even if both next gen consoles do well their combined install base would be no more than a tenth of the current generation by the end of this year.

B-radical2277d ago

Also interesting ryse is outdoing forza

PlayStation_42277d ago

Wrong, it's because the CoD conference has just ended and because of the multiplayer reveal that had X1 plastered all over it

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CocoWolfie2277d ago

glad killzone is lookin' good on there, but yeah im surprised how close bf4 and ghosts are :o

PeaSFor2277d ago

sup brah, want a brew?

BillytheBarbarian2277d ago

Brew is Canadian. It's beer, ale, draft, or just give me the the USA.

Niv2277d ago

So many preorders for ps4 games!

Sony weren't kidding about their million preorders

PlayStation_42277d ago

And this is in Microsoft's market, imagine Europe

Shane Kim2277d ago

I can't belive PS4 players choose CoD Ghosts over KZ:SF. Sorry but americans are dumb.

BillytheBarbarian2277d ago

Call of duty and madden are the only things that sell in the US. Bore fest 2013!

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