The Elder Scrolls Online's Creative Director Talks Post-Release Content and Much More - AusGamers

AusGamers had a chance to catch up with The Elder Scrolls Online's creative director, Matt Frior, out at this year's Gamescom who spoke about a number of topics in the game including grinding, start zones, alliances, subscriptions, servers, next-gen and post-release content.

""We are already working on post-launch content," Matt reveals to AusGamers. "We have a couple of teams working on things that players won’t see for months after launch. We definitely plan on having very regular rollouts of content, hopefully a month, every six weeks, something like that. We’re talking major… you know, not a new sword, whole new quest-lines.

"We’ve already said that we’re going to launch with the Fighters Guild and the Mages Guild, but post-launch content for example, would be the Dark Brotherhood quest-line, which could be 30 hours, or 20-30 hours of play, just by itself. That’s kind of an example of what a content update would be."

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thekhurg1881d ago

Until you talk about no subscription fees, few people are going to care.