Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Shatters Records with 187,000 Concurrent Connections; 200,000 Expected Soon

Square Enix just suspended digital download sales of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in order to avoid further congestion of the servers due to unexpectedly heavy traffic while they prepare to launch new servers, but just how heavy is that traffic?

The publisher just sent in a press release giving some numbers to crunch on and detailing plans to address the situation.

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Shad0wRunner2270d ago

RIP WoW...

Your days of reining supreme king of MMO games are coming to a close end.

Abriael2270d ago

I would not go ahead and say THAT yet, but it's doing rather well number wise. I'm thinking they probably have around 1.5 million accounts.

laijka2270d ago

Trick is to keep them after that first free month.

Abriael2270d ago

@laijka: game is great, so i doubt they'll have problem if they solve the server problems fast enough. Bet you they'll also give some bonus time for the trouble. That's how SE normally does.

pompombrum2270d ago

LMFAO.. FF14 ARR is a lot of fun but it's no WoW killer, not even close.

Still, what SE done to revive this game is admirable and they deserve some success. It's also nice to see that a paid subscription MMO can still do well.

Stsonic2270d ago

How long does it usually take for reviews to surface on games of this magnitude?

NegativeCreepWA2270d ago

The game is great, and the story is on par with any FF story. I would wait a week or two to buy it though, it'll save you the frustration of server problems.

Capt-FuzzyPants2269d ago

I saw gametrailers and IGN put up reviews in progress on their sites.

Dagobert2270d ago

A lot of stores are sold out of physical copies of this game around here.

Zichu2270d ago

I do hope this game does well. I bought the original since launch and I was in the Beta for the original, yet it wasn't that fun, it was slow and some parts of the world were very boring to look at.

I played some of the beta for ARR and it was like a breath of fresh air. Each area I went to was so vibrant. Players were everywhere, trees were huge, the game felt alive.

I was going to get the PS3 version, but I will play it on PC again to see how it is, if it's any good, I will get the PS3 version as well as a keyboard and mouse.

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