The Wii U Is More Next Gen Than People Think

Platformin: "The Wii U is often criticized about it’s “under-powered hardware” and is often believed by many to be a complete flop of a machine that’ll drive Nintendo to doom like the Dreamcast. Whilst it is obvious that the PS4 and XBOX One be more powerful than the Wii U, does that all really matter? Does the Wii U offer enough to compensate for it’s slight lack of power?"

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sherimae24132271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

wether we accept it or not, the Wii U is definitely a next gen console from Nintendo.

but this time the gap between power will not be that huge, (like the wii to ps360), it has a potential that needs to be utilized ^_^

its just having a 1 year head start from ps4 and xbox one.
just like 360 having a year head start from wii and ps3 back then

it will definitely selll in the long run, just like every console who got released. it needs games, specially the first party titles from ninty that will be release this holiday and by next years ^_^

RicardJulianti2271d ago

It's crazy that with all we know about what Nintendo is bringing....we still know next to nothing.

We've got a few new character in Smash Bros (and not much else), the 7+ games from SEGA, the third Sonic exclusive, what SMT x FE will be/look like, Zelda, other collaborations (that Iwata talked about in the January Direct), Miyamoto's new IP, Nintendo's "new types of games" they are working on, Shin'en's titles, whatever that Pokemon teaser was about, why Retro hired some seriously talented/twisted artists mid-last year (definitely wasn't for DK considering the timing and their milieu), Yoshi's Yarn.

It's crazy that none of that is speculation. We rarely know when a Direct is coming more than 24 hours in advance even.

Back when the 360 had its head start, a lot of the same rhetoric was being thrown around about how the new Playstation was going to bury it and so on (no one thought the Wii would do what it did).

It's going to be a great generation regardless of what platform people play. Gamers win console wars, not companies.

mcstorm2271d ago

I agree and nice to here someone with a level head on gaming. I am really liking what I see from Microsoft at the moment with the xbox one and pre orded it for Forza and KI but im more excited about the games on the WiiU at the moment. DK, Maro 3D, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Zelda HD, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bro's New Sonic all between now and March this year. For me who is taking a break from the FPS games as had to much of it over last 7 years this is a great line up.

I think come the end of this year the sales for the WiiU will pickup as it will have the games people want as well as the 3rd party games just like what happened to the 3DS.

vishmarx2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

RAM wii u 2gb ddr3 ;ps4 8gb gddr5
preocessor wii u tri core 1.2ghz; ps4 jaguarx86 8 cores 2.75ghz
gpu wii u 320 shaders ps4 1152
peak throughput wii u .352 tflops ps4 1.84 tfops

thats straighout more than 3 times powerful..
i dunno what delusion drives you but if hardware is the reason you bought a wii u youve made a big mistake

wii was successful simply coz of the first party titles and those motion control gimmicks(wii fit and such)
wii u has failed to attract audience based on its unique tablet already.
so all that remains is first party titles
if in case youre a fan of which theres absolutely no harm n buying a wii u.since those are gonna pour on..regardless...
but theres absolutely no i see nintendo attracting new customers with it

Shok2271d ago

Firstly, none of those Wii U GPU specs are confirmed. That's all fabricated numbers that for some reason everyone continues to roll with. We have literally no idea of just how powerful the GPU is.

Secondly, you can't just look at raw numbers, say "Oh, well 8 gigs if over 3x the amount and 8 cores is 3x the amount of cores the Wii U has so the PS4 is 3x stronger!" That's not how things work lol.

You don't seem to really understand how spec comparisons work. Raw numbers can be very deceiving these days.

vishmarx2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

i know how specs work.
i know the point youre making
but the teraflops genrated by the gpu are pretty obvious indication of the power difference.
also 3 cores at half the cycle rate is nowhere close to an 8 core2.75.
tho number of cores are decieving theyre a pretty apparent advantage as long as clock cycles are significantly higher.also both cpu's are AMD which makes it pretty obvious that ps4 has either the same(which is already not true) or superior architecture especially since its far more advanced. raw numbers are decieving but all im doing is putting everything down and wii u doesnt come close in even a single aspect...

facricated or not.its pretty obvious wii u games are only slightly better looking than future it WILL obviously improve but do honestly believe it to be comparable?
unreal engine 4 doesnt even support wii u...
it has no DX11 ...theses are SERIOUS concerns..
i dont hate the wii u but im not stpid enough to believe itll someday actually have a game thats technically on par with ps4 .
not everything can be lies ..we'd already know if wii u were such a beast by now.
why do think none of the nex gen exclusives (3rd party games)are coming too the wii u.
and i mean games that arent on the ps360.

denial wont help.
IT is what is.people will buy it for nintendon games,no problem there,but theres cleary nothing else thatll make me wanna hold on to it for the next 7-8 years.

gameboymario2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

@vishmarx Those numbers would make a decent comparison if both systems were using a straight forward, gaming PC architecture. Due to the fact that the Wii U is in fact based off of the IBM Power PC your point is invalid. You see, what the Power PC architecture does is that, if used correctly, can perform better graphics on less numbers, especially the RAM.

vishmarx2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )


what is it a magic F****** CPU?
given youre username. i wont even bother with you.
i knew ill get a lot of angry fanboys on me but what i dont get is this..
how does the comparison come up when its been a well know fact for quite some time now.
WII U hardware is inferior .
live wit it

gameboymario2271d ago

@vishmarx I know many languages but I fail to detect the one you used to write your comment.

awesomeabe19982271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )


I wont talk to you about specs.
Yes the Wii U can run DX11 as an INDIE developer made it run DX11.
Im not sure if Unreal Engine 4 does not support Wii U or does not WANT to support it.
Wii U is pretty powerful since it can run powerful engines like CryEngine 4 and Frostbite 3.

_QQ_2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Since when do people buy consoles for hardware to begin with?i'd say people who are buying X1/PS4 who think they are getting gaming PCs are equally delusional. exclusive software,exclusive software, exclusive software, exclusive software,thats all that matters with consoles. The games look great thats all that matters.

Sincere01212271d ago

dumbest comment ever. I can't believe some idiots only class next gen on hardware!
yes ps4 is more powerful than wii u. but so what? wii u has better software, games and gameplay.

kayoss2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Actually Vishmarx is correct. regardless of how you read or translate the spec, the Wii U is way too underpowered when you compare it to the PS4 and xbox One. First party games for the wii U will be great regardless, but what worries most people is the 3rd party support for next gen. The ps4 and xbox one have similiar archietecture however the wii u have somewhat of a different architecture and the question becomes..."will 3rd party developers spend the time to port and optimize games for the wii U? and will they spend time to incorporate the tablet?"
""...Oh, well 8 gigs if over 3x the amount and 8 cores is 3x the amount of cores the Wii U has so the PS4 is 3x stronger!"That's not how things work"" Actually thats how it works. If you compare the PS4 and xbox one spec to the Wii U, the Ps4 and Xbox one out muscles the Wii U in every category and its by a large amount too.

The only thing that the Wii U have that the other two dont have are Mario, Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Metroid, and Zelda. This is the category where the Wii U will beat the next gen.

falcon972271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Yeah what about the Wiiu's huge edram section,32mb on the MCM shared with cpu and gpgpu,3mb of edram cache on the cpu cores,and that hidden 30% of unknown power could be more edram,considering edram helps with resolution,in other words 16mb of edram gives you 1080p native Shinen's ps4 has a 1.6 ghz cpu and its off the shelf just like its gpu,wiiu is custom ie you can optimize wiiu alot more than xbox1 or ps4 so all ur talk is just that....why do think wiiu has the most 1080p native 60fps games its because wiiu has more than enough power ie edram to do it,ps4 and xbox1 have no edram they have sram which you need 64mb to do 1080p native ?????

Vishmarx,you talk rubbish wiiu has custom hardware,xbox1and ps4 are off the shelf in other words you know what you can get out of those machines,wiiu can improve over and over again shinen said they havnt used more than 1 cpu core and only used a little edram for their games and say they didnt have to dig deep to get results,they also said you could optimize wiiu alot,ps4 and xbox1 are struggling with 1080p native on Battlefield so unless they lower the bar on Battlefield in the future you won't ever get 1080p native because they both use stock off the shelf cpu's and gpu's ie the power is at full from the off,its not like ps3 that was custom and could get better and better over time this wont happen without powerful custom hardware like WiiU.... ps4 isnt custom because of cost sony has said as much,you will find out when 1st party wiiu exclusives run 1080p native 60fps in the future and ps4 games dont....

N4g_null2271d ago

So vishmarx likes specs... huh? Has he benchmark an amd apu? Does he even know how weak that cpu actually is? It can barely beat a i3 haswell those are going to be tablets before long.

your elitism is being used against you it seems. The specs are mediocre at best an i7 with a better mobile gpu would best it. We are talking about laptops that are $600. Dumpping all that ram in the ps4 is not needed, yet spec guys like the one above are going to get fooled again. Remember all that ps3 power that the ps3 never used? Remember epic wanting 2tflop for next gen ut engine, do you remember what the ps4 demo looked like compared to the pc version, now do you see bf4 backtracking on what their game will have?

I see a bunch of console gamers struggling to justify their purchase on specs and things that will not make your game better.

RAM wii u 2gb ddr3

;ps4 8gb gddr5
do you even know why ddr3 is used over gddr5 in highend computting? No better yet do you know why the tech in the ps3 was not used to its full potential?

 processor wii u tri core 1.2ghz; ps4 jaguarx86 8 cores 2.75ghz gpu wii u.... do you know what sram is or dram? Do you know how bad the jaguar x86 cores really are? Amd makes an ok gpu but boy are they getting smoked on cpus. Yet its a x86 gpgpu... lots of legacy issues are going to say hi, youll see.

320 shaders ps4 1152 peak throughput wii u .352 tflops ps4 1.84 tfops this is great and all but how many of those shaders are comput shaders verses vextor or texture?

also the tflops have not been fully tested for the wiiu... because it doesnt rely on tflops... the sram packages hide most of it processing power behind everything thing being compressed.

so basicly the wiiu sram gpgpu setup is like a haswell cpu beating a higher clock at a lower watt. Yet few developer will use all of these savings. The ps4 is the brute force model and might even have more heat issues than the wiiu. The ram is a stop gag... it isnt needed yet until you get up to i7 level cpus... the jaguar would choke on a full load of data loaded into that 8 gigs, since it isnt a workstation class cpu... now the gpu is backroom laptop level...

suddently you only have games that will be compromised yet hyped to no end on the ps4, just like on the wiiu... yet luckly Nintendo does not need as much eye candy as they actually make games worth playing.

herbs2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

I remember before the PS3 came out Sony claimed it was capable of over a terabyte of computational power (basically equivalent to the Xbox One lol) I remember before the PS2 came out Sony's claimed specs where again about double its actual capabilities. Microsoft was dead on with thier specs for both the Xbox and 360. Nintendo's GameCube on the other hand was able to significantly outperform its perceived specs because of it clever use of the memory architecture. The pinnacle of engineering is being able to do more with with less. Just some food for thought...

swice2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

It's a next gen NINTENDO console. Nintendo never directly competes with Sony or Microsoft.

As a NINTENDO fan, i'm very excited to play my favorite IP's on THEIR next gen console. I'm not talking about the games that get released on every console. I'm talking Nintendo games.

Going from Wii to Wii U is definitely a next gen leap.

Your problem, vishmarx, is that you are blinded by numbers and tech. You need to look a little deeper

I agree with herbs above me when it comes to tech:
"The pinnacle of engineering is being able to do more with with less. Just some food for thought..."

gpturbo812271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

nobody gives a shit. its puppets like you that the gaming industry is becoming the way it is. specs specs specs= boring, unoriginal, played out bullshit. new game,tighter graphics. owww im so impressed! eventually, everything will be about graphics and nothing besides that will matter anymore. o wait, too late

Stroke6662270d ago

stop it. numbers aren't everything. older "slower" tech blazin the way.

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Shad0wRunner2271d ago needs games.

But any Nintendo fanboy/girl who thinks a slew of Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros and Donkey Kong rehashes are gonna save this failing console - You people are in for a sad, sad reality check.

The Wonderful 101 flopped like a fish out of water. And this was supposed to be the Wii U's saving grace that would herald the console into a golden age of Wii U gaming. It was beaten and outsold by a 3DS GAME!

And you said it, Sheri. The Wii U has had a 1 year head start over it's competition...and it cant even compete with CURRENT gen consoles and games! ONE YEAR! When you have a handheld that is doing far better than your "so called" next gen console...there is a problem with that. On many levels.

You can call the Wii U a next gen console all you want. That doesnt make it so. Not by true next gen standards.

I can sprinkle powdered sugar on a turd. That doesnt make it a brownie.

Just sayin...

mudmax2271d ago

Really, those numbers are from a gaming outlet, media crate sales not even out yet and it only represents two days worth of sales for Wonderful 101 and its in the top 20. Thats a flop? Rushing to conclusions a bit huh?. NDC

mudmax2271d ago

Really, those numbers are from a gaming outlet, media crate sales not even out yet and it only represents two days worth of sales for Wonderful 101 and its in the top 20. Thats a flop? Rushing to conclusions a bit huh?.

Shad0wRunner2271d ago

Yeah, thats 30,000 in Japan...and yeah, it's in the top 20 - WAY down the list. Nowhere near #1.

Meanwhile, FFXIV AAR continues to sell like crack in the hood; breaking records, left and right. Also a Japanese based game.

But the Wii U could never handle a MMO like FFXIV. Ya know why? CUZ IT'S INFERIOR HARDWARE!

But hey...ya'll keep fighting the good fight. LOL

Chrischi19882271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

You seem to have no logical thinking. Why would anyone who has a Xbox360 or PS4 buy a Wii U, if the Wii U only get ports, which dont show its potential, if the Wii U gets the same Games as PS3 and Xbox360? Where is the reason to buy one? You see, the reason will be, when there are no new games released for the old gen. Then people have to choose between PS4, XboxOne and Wii U for new games. Who buys Need for Speed Most Wanted for Wii U half a year later than the actual release? This is a Game which gets a sequel every single year, unlike a Game like GTA5. People already have those Old Gen consoles and as long as they deliver the same experience, nobody will upgrade, but after this winter, the sales will go up, not only because of first party titles, also because the old consoles die because of no new games.

Tell me, how should a Game look better on a better Hardware, if the Game is a mere port? Does Command and Conquer 2 look better on my new suer fast gaming PC, because my PC is like 15x better then the old one capable running the game at full speed? Everyone knows that PS3 had superior Hardware than Xbox360, tell me which Game looked so much better on PS3 than on Xbox360? Almost none of them and why? Because PS3 got mere Xbox360 ports. Better Hardware doesnt magically improve the software. What makes you think, that the Wii U is even close to its limits? Tell me of the huge inventory of launch titles, the PS4 and XboxOne will get. It will take a lot of time, until there are a lot of games on each of that consoles, only that Wii U had a headstart. Headstart dont necessarily mean that they are bad, Xbox360 turned out to be very good, even though it had a headstart.

Saying it cant compete with current consoles showed me, how unlogic your thinking is, sorry, but this is hilarious. Current Gen has a huge installbase and if third party games get released for each console and wii u gets a mere port, how can it be any better? Wait until Wii U get port from PS4 or XboxOne games, then you will see how much next gen wii u really is.

Then, what are next gen standarts? Do you even know what you are saying? Next Gen means the next console generation, meaning the time it came out. Or is the next generation of humans some kind of cyborg in your eyes?

And my last point to disagree with you is, that Wonderful 101 was never a game changer game. A gamechanger is something people already know, a sequel to an already super successful series, not a new series nobody else but Wii U owners know something about. They advertised the game pretty well and it got good ratings, but I never heard anything like it being a game changer, to start the golden age^^ I know Nintendo put some hopes in that game, but not even close to what you make it to be. Get your info straight.

millzy1022271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

@shadowrunner you Do realize that nintendo only shipped 30k of w101 to Japan so it sold 100% of its shipment, you probably do know that but your ignoring the facts to troll.

Chrischi19882271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Lol goes to you for not having enough knowledge about Hardware and how a computer works. Well yeah, you might put together your x86 pc at home, that doesnt mean you know anything about how it works^^

Different Architecture can mean a lot. The ghz run on PC Hardware is long long over and why? Because now other things make the difference. Look at the AMD FX 8150, way inferior to a Intel i5-3570K, but wait, the AMDs cpu has 8 cores running at 3,6 ghz and a turbo to 4,2 ghz and the i5 has only 4 cores running at 3,4 ghz and a turbo to 3,8ghz. Those numbers would imply that the AMD is way more powerful, but guess what, even though both need the x86 architecture to run windows programms, the Intel CPU is superior and now add a totally different architecture to that and what do we get? A mess noone understands completely, but people who think they know something, proving they know only BS in that matter. And people often forget, that the Wii U has a special way of processing sound, which will take no effect or use up any processing power of the 3 cores, unlike on the other consoles. I study Electric Engineering, I know a little more than the normal computer geek, if it comes to hardware and its capabilities, but ok, i guess your friend in school told you :)

Shad0wRunner2271d ago

"Wait until Wii U get port from PS4 or XboxOne games, then you will see how much next gen wii u really is."

Yeah, lets see a port from a PS4 or XB1 game to Wii U...and you'll see just how much the game has been gimped and chopped exclusively just for the Wii U. Theres no way you can take a massive game in all it's specs and proportions like... Second Son or even FFXV and have it be completely identical and run just as smooth as they would on the PS4.

Of course the Wii U will get ports. But they will be condensed versions of the more superior consoles.

Just answer this.

Can the Wii U run an MMO like FFXIV or Elder Scrolls Online? Yes or no.

Can the Wii U run Gran Turismo 6, in its full capacity? Yes or no.

Can the Wii U even run GTA 5, in its full capacity...let alone it's online portion? Yes or no.

If you cant answer yes to any of the 3 above questions, then i rest my case.

The Wii U is inferior. End of story.

weekev152271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Shadow I know your trolling but in answer to all 3 questions yes, you know why I know this? WiiU is MORE powerful than current gen which can run all those games flawlessly.

Will it be capable of running GT7 which will be PS4 exclsive? Probably not.

I love my WiiU I'm really looking forward to Mario, Sonic, X, Bayonetta, Mario Kart, smash bros, zelda, Metroid when it comes, Miyamotos new IP and whatever else Nintendo is going to throw at us along with a smattering of multiplats like Watchdogs, Batman, AC4 etc.

I will get a PS4 in a couple of years probably with naughty dogs first ps4 game in an inevitible bundle, so that I get it when there are actually games I want to play on it.

Back to the power argument XBone/ps4 > WiiU > XB360/PS3, surely everyone knows this by now?

_QQ_2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

You realize w101 only shipped 30,000 units to begin with.If Pikmin3, one of the most niche titles can move a significant amount of Wiiu units,imagine DK that raped uncharted/TLOU in sales,3D mario that that raped uncharted/TLOU in sales, Smash bros that raped uncharted/TLOU in sales,Mariokart that raped Uncharted/TLOU in sales in fact take all 3 uncharted games pus TLOU sales, multiply it by 2 and mario kart still destroys its sales.

kayoss2271d ago

If the Nintendo wii Ps3, and xbox360 is any indication i will think that the next gen will be the same for the Wii U, Ps4, and xbox One. Nintendo Wii did get ports from the Ps3 and xbox360 but it was a gimped version. If games like Titan fall, Infamous last son, Killzone shadow fall were to port to the wii U, i think it will be a gimped version of the game.

N4g_null2271d ago

Arguing about getting the better gimped version of a pc game is priceless... sony and ms are going to nickle and dime the heck out of you guys. This guy must be new to gaming.

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DA_SHREDDER2271d ago

Game and Wario was underdeveloped, but it was still sic in its own ways. Totally underrated title. For single and multiplayer types. Love bird poop egg games.

Shnazzyone2271d ago

That's tyhe thing, all people seem to point to when saying it's under powered is that 360's processor has a higher clock speed. Meanwhile, that processor is not an 2006 processor that's a newer gen processor. It can do more with that 1.1ghz than 360 can. It's like dual core vs i5. i 5 could be lower clock than the dual core but the i5 is always going to outperform because the architecture itself is different.

Not to mention that extremely new tech coupling with the cpu with the gpu. YEs, it's next gen. Look at pikmen 3, it's next gen.

herbs2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

All three consoles are powerful complex machines that will be able to output beautiful graphics for years to come rendering these graphics arguments borderline pointless (rendering get it lol) No one even knows how to fully utilize GPU tech from 2008 yet and it has gotten to a point where its more about artistic vision then it is about how many shaders you have. Also there is the whole LAW of DIMINISHING RETURNS but I'm certain that concept will be lost on most of you.

Masterman2802268d ago

On paper, yeah the Wii U looks a lot more underpowered, but in reality it isn't like you said. Games like Mario Kart 8, that looks as good as any XBOX ONE/PS4 games i've seen.

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Bhuahahaha2271d ago

im planning to get a wii u too (just w8 for more games for it)

for me almost all nintendo exclusive titles are really worth the money

pennywhyz2271d ago

Only prob I have is that there are no games. to me its a big problem.

RicardJulianti2271d ago

I mean....aside from the 50+ that there already are.

I know what you meant though....but that issue is going to be resolved. October in particular is packed with content.

Africa-Garvey2271d ago

you are drunk, so go to sleep.
PS4 is 8 cores @ 1.6ghz
Wii U is 3 cores @ 1.24ghz which is close enough.
Also PS4 uses x86 -64 architecture (netbook & mobile cpu) while Wii U uses power pc architecture, thus one core on wii u is equivalent to two cores on PS4 or more.
Remember, Nano Assault neo used just one core on Wii U

Where on earth (web) does PS4 core clock is 2750mhz ? We need proof.....

Shad0wRunner2271d ago

And you must be high...

Even devs have said the Wii U is inferior. Some devs wont even support it. You dont see a lot of devs going "screw PS4 and XB1, the WII U is where it's at."

You can call us all fanboys and other names, but at the end of the day...when you have certain devs basically saying the same damn things WE are saying about the Wii U, thats what we call - case and point.

awesomeabe19982271d ago

Which devs dont support Wii U? EA? BETHESDA?
EA recently said that they now have a stronger relationship with Nintendo.
Bethesda's reason is because of the small install base.

Chrischi19882271d ago

Man, you really need to get your info right. At the beginning, where all devs were complaining, they were complaining about the first dev kits from nintendo. Nintendo itself said that in the first dev kits, that not all cores were activated, but ok, you must know it better, because your friend at school told you.

falcon972271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Your right i know a real tech guy and he said their are 2 cores on wiiu that are equal to 4.2 cores on ps4 and the cpu core with 3mb edram is like 4 cores on ps4 ??? work it out guys....

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