PS3 Exclusive BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Gets New Screenshots Showcasing Story Mode

Arc System Works just released some new screenshots of the PS3 Exclusive fighting game BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma that will be released on October the 24th in Japan and next year in the west.

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TimeSkipLuffy2268d ago

does anyone know why this game is exclusive? I don't mind since it is always good for my PS3 :3 but I don't understand the decision because the other games where multiplat.

Abriael2268d ago

No idea really. They announced it on PS3 only and their press releases clearly state "exclusive", but that is it.

Hicken2268d ago

To my knowledge, it doesn't sell too well on 360. I imagine the numbers out east(in Japan) are so disparate that it's not even worth making a 360 copy to them localize.

FamilyGuy2268d ago

Are we sure that it's not just exclusive in Japan?
I'm confused too unless they weren't getting enough sales on the 360 versions or something.

I'm a big fan of this series, a great new fighting game rarely shows up anymore. This is the only new one that's noteworthy and started this gen.

I'd be pretty surprised if it wasn't just japan exclusive.

Inception2268d ago

Just like Hicken said, it doesn't sell too well on 360, especially in japan. And i think Sony got some exclusive deal with ArcSys, when ArcSys said they will made an exclusive game for PS4. Maybe Chrono Phantasma is part of that deal.

Bhuahahaha2268d ago

well those others got a bigger budget (capcom,square enix)compare to arc and the likes

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abzdine2268d ago

great! PS3 is the console for Fighting fans, but i hoped Vita could get Blazeblue as well.
i am hoping next episode will soon land on PS4

TimeSkipLuffy2268d ago

BlazeBlue is already on VITA. Or do you mean it should get another title? Any new game is a nice addition XD

Fishermenofwar2268d ago

Every time I see the word Chrono...I think of Chronotrigger and frog...Then I get sad..Then I remember I have it on my PS3...

Then I go home and play it..and 3 days go by and my wife leaves me....True story

Fishermenofwar2268d ago

Whats so sad about it..I'm playin Trigs!!

kenshiro1002268d ago

They make Saya playable, I will leap for joy.