Guerrilla Games’ New IP “Will be a While”

In talking to Polygon about Killzone Shadow Fall's multiplayer, Steven ter Heide released an interesting bit of information on their next project for Sony.

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user74029311904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

good goddamn news. killzone 5 will truly show ps4 power, unless nd goes first.

ShugaCane1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

From the other article linked to this one :

"Netherlands based developer Guerrilla Games, the guys behind upcoming PS4 game Killzone: Shadow Fall, have already started development on a unknown new IP. Having known to be in the works since 2010, the project should be far enough along to be shown"

As the title says, it's a new IP they're talking about.

Anyway, I can't wait to hear more about it. Guerrilla is one of the most talented studio out there so the fact they're working on a new franchise is utterly exciting. I just really hope they'll keep making AAA-games for the PSV too, just like KZ Merc.

user74029311904d ago

im anticipated to see what they could do outside the fps genre.

shivvy241904d ago

Guerilla is sonys go to fps devs now that insom left and zipper shut down

showtimefolks1904d ago

this new IP has been in works since 2010, i am sure we will see it next year maybe at E3 or gamescom

most of sony's big studios are quite, i am sure we will see a game or 2 getting announced at VGA's this year

abzdine1904d ago

i think Killzone: Mercenaries is a test for Guerrilla Cambridge so they can take over the KZ franchise and the Dutcch based GG will work on a new IP.

ZHZ901904d ago

I hope new IP is not a shooter and even if it is shooter I hope it is 3rd person not FPS.

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sinncross1904d ago

Yeah new IP. They mentioned that before E3 actually.

Rumours suggest it might be a scifi SWRPG, but we dont know. I guess tehy wont really confirm it until next year. Seems like Sony is content not having to announce stuff now.

1904d ago
KingKelloggTheWH1904d ago

Some reason I really want to see them do a medieval Fantasy game.

JackOfAllBlades1904d ago

That'd be sweet! I wonder how they'd do with that

ZodTheRipper1904d ago

Hopefully they are trying out something new ...developers shouldn't be bound to one genre. Trying out new stuff gives new perspectives which can help in improving existing franchises.

KingKelloggTheWH1904d ago

I'd hope for a T-rated game so its a bit more light hearted than their previous games.

That or a fantasy/horror game in a similar vain as Demons Souls.

Majin-vegeta1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Enough with the goddam alright??god damn :p

GG take your time KZ:SF will keep us busy for awhile.Nows if you guys could give us a level editor thay would be fkn awesome.

Edit:reply to dirtypimp.
@Beloe lol here a funny bub.

user74029311904d ago

its ok danny, im here to protect you. dont fight it....dont fight it


i could easily wait on it. launch ps4 titles along with what else is coming in the near future is PLENTY for me to be preoccupied with. though i cant wait to see their new ip, its really no rush at all.

andibandit1904d ago

I have a huuuuge backcatalog of games, that could hold me over till 2020.

AngelicIceDiamond1904d ago

@bandit PSN+ is a beautiful thing.

andibandit1904d ago

I agree, even tho i dont have a PS3, I really wish i had gotten one back when they started PSN+.

andibandit1904d ago

Dunno why you are getting disagrees, im kinda missing Western style RPG in the launch line up for both systems.

kassler1904d ago

A rpg outside of the fantasy genre, tired of mages thiefs and warriors.

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