Xbox One Digital Market Place Incoming?

Microsoft possibly looking into reselling digital games via incoming Xbox One Digital Market Place

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slimeybrainboy2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Pre-owned digital content? Is it just me or is this the dumbest rumor yet. Why would MS let you buy a preowned copy of a perfectly intact digital download?

It would be good for us to perhaps to get cheaper games, and make money back once we finish digital content. Still this sounds impossibly strange to me.

No way.

Those survey questions could have easily been in relation to when MS was planning the DRM style digital trade in. It makes no sense anymore.

Regardless a survey is a survey, not plans. Companies conduct surveys to get data about random shit they never use all the time, like Starbucks branded tie making machines.

No_Limit2273d ago

It is a rumor started by the infamous CBOAT of Neogaf. So take it with a grain of salt.

eezo2273d ago

CBOAT is a well known name in the gaming circle.... so we can expect some inside details from him on Xbox One....

4Sh0w2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Well its not entirely unlikely, micro has hinted at doing something like this with their original policies, I think CBoat is just smart enough to realize what is likely to happen, he makes a bunch of educated guess's and see what sticks.

vvvv yeah he uses search's of info floating around and then portrays it as insider knowledge, spin it if it doesn't happen or is debunked.

Tw1tch3D2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )


If true, then boy Microsoft have won next gen...IF TRUE!

But as you said, with a grain of salt this should be...a spec more like it.

@ -Alpha

Yes, very reasonable indeed.

seasonal sales on old games goes down? on console?! Whaaaa???

objectivePSfan2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Just to be clear, CBOAT confirmed that this information was a survey given to MS by a third party and shows this is a possibility for next gen.

-Alpha2273d ago

Keep in mind that the rumour associates a "fee" to trade in.

That fee is then split between MS and the publisher. If used games will continue to exist, and if digital sales are being pushed, it'd be smart to control and profit off of this market while cutting out the middle man (Gamestop).

Seems reasonable to me.

zpoc2273d ago

if you'd been paying attention, you'd know that this was part of microsoft's original plan for the xbox one, before their 180. i figured that without the always-on requirement they couldn't figure out a way to make it work, but maybe they did.

Darrius Cole2273d ago

Odds are Microsoft is going to do this. They were planning to do this back when they had their DRM plans. This was the plan all along. They wanted to lock all of the Xbox gamers into selling their games back to and through Microsoft and no one else. But the ownership questions are still the same as they were with a physical disc.

If I can sell my digital game back to Microsoft why can't I sell it to my friend? If I can sell my digital game back to Microsoft, why can't I give it to my cousin? My brother? My son under his Xbox live account that I pay for?

Looks like they haven't changed their plans at all; they just need time to accumulate more market share before they launch their restrictions again.

Allowing the free trading of digital copies of games is going to suck so much money out of gaming that it will threaten to break the gaming industry. Imagine being able to sell your game as easy as sending a friend request. Imagine finishing a game and them selling it immediately online to any one on your friends list, or any friend of a friend. Game sales will fall through the floor.

This is high school economics 101. It's all about efficient vs. inefficient markets. Follow me for a few paragraphs, and I will explain the reason why Microsoft wants to prevent Xbox owners from selling their games to another person.

Microsoft wants to make the market efficient by forcing all games to be digital. If they have their way, all distribution will happen over the internet via computers and downloading with no human intervention other than the end-buyer and the end-seller. This will make the act of trading a game very cheap. This will also allow FAR fewer copies of any given game to service the same number of people. The market won't need 15 million copies of Call of Duty to satisfy demand. There will be like a million used copies for sale online the day after it releases as people beat it and immediately put it up for sale. Everybody with the internet and an Xbox would be able to go online and buy a used game from another person. This easy trading would cause new games sales to fall, used game sale to rise, and used game prices to dro. This would rapidly shrink the games market. Game publishers would foresee this drop and stop it by bailing out on the Xbox unless Microsoft did something to stop. But Microsoft had already planned it out.

Microsoft wants to make the market artificially inefficient by forcing all transactions to go through them and only through them or people they hand-pick. This would not be necessary as a person online can sell a game to another person just as easy as he could sell it to Microsoft. BUT MICROSOFT WANTS ALL GAMES SALES ON THEIR PLATFORM TO GO THROUGH THEM SO THAT THEY CAN SET THE PRICE ON BOTH ENDS. This will prevent normal supply and demand from setting the price. Microsoft will earn the spread on each game sold. This is the only way the the publishers would get on board.

Microsoft is setting itself up to be a monopoly on both ends of the used games market. They would be the only seller AND the only buyer of a used game. (BTW, the word for a market with one buyer is "monopsony", no pun intended)

I had hoped that when they backtracked on their DRM that they had also abandoned this plan. If they actually do this then it proves that they have not. If you buy into this you are a fool.

Grown Folks Talk2273d ago

They intended to allow you to "gift" a digital purchase to someone as long as they had been on your friends list for at least 30 days.

Funantic12273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Cutting out GameStop or the middleman wouldn't ruin the gaming industry. It'll revolutionize it. It might ruin GameStop. They're trade in prices aren't fair anyway. F'em.

eman3d2273d ago

Microsoft is taking us from beneath the monopoly known as GameStop... that's all i need to know and want.

sashimi2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

@ both of you above me
Are some of you really in that much of a hurry to move from Gamestop to Microsoft and 3rd party publishers's control?

It'll just be one monopoly over another and whos to say much will change anyway? this is microsoft we're talking about they charge for everything and the likes of EA/Activision/Capcom having a huge say in such policies makes me shiver in fear. There will be no competition in such a market place as there are no other options. Atleast on PC you have many digital marketplaces to compete.

Darrius Cole2273d ago

Folks I do have a degree in business, and this is simple economic theory so I know what I'm talking about. This isn't fanboy-talk, this is hardcore business, albeit simple.

It's about controlling the number of buyers and the number of sellers and how those two meet to transact. It's not really about cutting out the middle man.

If lots of buyers can meet up with lots of sellers and each can negotiate their own price, then

1) each buyer can choose from lots of willing sellers, AND
2) each buyer will choose to buy from the lowest price available, AND
3) each seller will have to offer his product for the lowest price he can afford to if he wants to sell it.

That means all goods sell at the price dictated by their true supply and demand. That is what economists call an efficient market.\

The best example of this would be a stock market. Stocks trade at their true value and the only spread between the bid and ask price is small and represents the cost of doing business, not exorbitant profits.

Microsoft could do this with the Xbox and its digital games. But if they did...

1) the amount of used game trading on the Xbox would skyrocket because used games would be available in mass 1 or 2 days after launch and everyone would have to lower the price in order to sell them.

2) All the new games would be overpriced by comparison and no one would buy them, either their sales would drop or the publishers would have to cut the prices in order to compete.

This would be like a stock market or Ebay.

The people who run the publishers have a business degree like I do. They will foresee this before it happens just like I am. They will jump ship and kill the Xbox before they allow Microsoft to set up their digital marketplace like this, therefore Microsoft won't even try to do it this way.

Microsoft will set up their digital marketplace to be restrictive. They won't let individuals sell to one another, and the only place to buy or sell will Xbox Live, or another portal that agrees to pay them a fee. They will set prices on both ends.

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JackOfAllBlades2273d ago

Someone has there head in the "clouds"

andibandit2273d ago

I guess that's better than having it in the groin area of a certain company.

JackOfAllBlades2273d ago

You mean all these Xbots with Micro$haft?

AutoCad2273d ago

it will be cool if this was true..i know im not alone with this.
Now i can trade in my UNO arcade game thats been sitting there for 1 year for some marketplace credit.
this just an example

Bigpappy2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

This is one rumor that I hope is really, really true. This would be a true game changer (pun intended).

I would hope that the trading or reselling frees are as high as GameStop. But it they take 15% or so of the sale, that is way better than having a dead game just taking up space on my Hard drive when I could trade towards something else.

Darrius Cole2273d ago

No you don't want this to happen, either. You just haven't thought it through. This would simply set the stage for Microsoft to be the only seller and the only buyer.

theWB272273d ago can still buy the retail disc...and do whatever the F you want with it. As of now...we can't do ANYTHING with our digital copies of games. Now we might be able...where are losing?

Bigpappy2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Like theWB27 said below: There is no one else doing it. Right now when you buy digital it is valued at $0 when you are done with. Even if you only played the game for an hour then realize you just don't like it.

You saying I have not thought this through is really funny to me. I have been asking for this my the day Xbox One was revealed. So yeah, I have thought about it plenty. If M$ announces this at Plax, you will see how exciting this will be for gamers. I suspect that Sony and Steam will follow suite within a week.

You guy need to stop disagreeing with stuff because it is proposed by M$ and start thinking how it will benefit you rather than worry about if Sony will win some war.

Pancit_Canton2273d ago

MS can give you $1.02 for your $60 purchase. It's like saying to MS; here you can have your DRM back.

Pancit_Canton2273d ago

Alright Alright. Enough with the dislike. I'll raise it to 1.05...

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