Does the Limited Edition Call of Duty: Ghosts Bundle Hint at the Xbox One Console Launch?

EB Games have just announced that they’re suping up their standard editions of Call of Duty: Ghosts, with a mission to bring Australian gamers a Limited Edition pack, without a higher price tag. Not only is this bundle of extras a bonus for Aussie gamers, it also may contain within it a hint about the release date for the Xbox One console.

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TheGreatGamer1904d ago

It's already been confirmed that the release date will be later than the 8th

Ninjeska1904d ago

So far I've only seen one article with 'a source' saying it will be later than the rumoured date, but that's not confirmation in and of itself. Is there an official Microsoft announcement I've missed? :/

TI_211904d ago

Actually Microsoft released a list of launch day games including Watch Dogs which won't be released any earlier than November 19.

Or was that a list for Europe?

No_Limit1904d ago

Not really, the Kotaku sourse doesn't have an actual source just the writer stating that he heard it from someone within MS saying it. Could be true or could be false. Nobody really knows at this point.

Ripsta7th1904d ago

So they actually beleived a kotaku article?? Wowww

joab7771904d ago

Maybe I am crazy...but why did Sony announce at gamescom? Why didn't they steal the 5th from Microsoft if they were gonna do it. Many ppl play CoD on the playstation and many r not gonna want to wait to play it. Sony was smart with their upgrade program but it will still cost ppl more than $60-70 and for a 10 days.

Microsoft would b insane not to launch on the 5th with CoD. Sony gav them this present. Take it!!

Minato-Namikaze1904d ago

Because 7 or even 10 days arent gonna sway any purchases. If MS could get out late OCT then maybe. But most people will be content to wait the week or so, and thats even if this date is true.

nukeitall1904d ago

They are all rumor, and different dates for different regions aren't unknown and hence different reports.

You can typically expect US to get earliest release so I can't wait!

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TheGreatGamer1904d ago

My bad it hasn't been confirmed by Microsoft guys i shouldn't have put that. a source close to someone at kotaku has stated it


Another one about the release date Wow every freaking hr is the same crap over n over... #11/15/13 #Ftw

GenericNameHere1904d ago

Yeah, Sony is releasing the PS4 IN THE MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER!! Even if its a week earlier, MS can definitely get a slight boost from that.

I'm gonna predict a Nov 15 launch for both PS4 and Xbone in the US. Just seems fun, wouldn't it? The first time competing consoles released at the same exact time.

No_Limit1904d ago

I don't think both releasing on the same day is a good idea. What if Greenpowerz is standing in line with Bluepowerz next to him? O_o. It is going to be ugly.

GenericNameHere1904d ago

PS4 and Xbone fanboys fighting each other on Nov 15 at GameStop... I don't know if that sounds cool or stupid, but I'd watch that o_o


"My console has 8 GB GDDR5 ram!" "Yeah, but almost half of it is used on OS!" "But we get PS+ Plus!" "We get 1 Billion Transistors and Teh Cloudz!"

The Wii U and PC fans just watching in the background.

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