Sony Jim Ryan interview – ‘Giving away stuff on day one… it’s kind of odd’

GameCentral talks with Sony’s European boss about having enough PS4s to go around, countering Microsoft’s FIFA 14 deal, and The Last Guardian.

theWB273840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Sony supporters boast about getting so much free stuff...F2P games...PS+ games...PS3 online multiplayer
(As Godchild1020 stated below)
14 days of plus for free with every new PS4 purchase.

Microsoft gives away Fifa for free....and it's odd.

If you are new to how each camp works..that's it in a nutshell.

It doesn't change anything. Driveclub is a day one F2P game...you can buy the rest if you want. But they are offering free games, day one. It isn't odd...it's a stupid way to look at something when you too are doing the same thing.

FlameHawk3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Lol do you think everyone is going to get Fifa for free? Only Europe is getting it and it is a limited amount.
You talk about fanboys when you are a Xbox Fanboy? Lol.
And the ONLY reason they are giving Fifa away is they are trying to win over all the people who pre-ordered a PS4 but it isn't going to work because PS4+Fifa 14 is still cheaper.
And don't be mad we get free games.
$60 Xbox Live Gold vs $50 PS+, plus DriveClub, Outlast, Don't Starve, Resogun, Secret Ponchos. Lol Xbox Live is a joke compared to PS+.

And you are complaining about 14 days of plus? I don't see Microsoft giving 14 days of Live.

HammadTheBeast3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Europe Pre-orders only.

It's not exactly FREE, so to say, it's $440 for the console, and $60 for the game.


ErcsYou3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Most of Sonys "Free" Stuff is either Sony owned or all ready free on the PC. Also anything received free from PS+ is revoked after the 14 day free trial.( unless you pay for PS+) I think what he was saying is that its odd that MS Paid for Fifa to give it away for free. Deep down we all know why there giving that one away free, to up the preorder count.

sinncross3840d ago


You know what the difference is between FIFA14 w/ X1 and DC with PS+?

Sony owns and developed DriveClub, MS had nothing to do with the development of Fifa.

MS is paying more money to sell launch hardware, whereas Sony are not. Hence why Jim Ryan thinks it is odd: he does not believe that including Fifa14 is going to show a noticeable increase in X1's sold at launch because people are going to buy the new hardware with or without the added game , in his opinion.

So it is not the same thing at all.

theWB273840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Where did I say, or insinuate, everyone received a free copy? No where..I know it's limited to certain amount of preorders.

The only reason...the only reason...so what. People are receiving a free copy...who cares about the reason.

"Don't be mad we get free games." Who gives a crap, I have a PS3... had a PS3 this entire gen...along with my 360 and plan on doing the same thing next gen. A PS4 right next to my X1.

Lol at you people and your nananana look what I have statements.

My PSN and gamertags are on my profile. I don't miss out just because I support Xbox.

Oh...so it's the difference on where it comes from. Ok...holy geez free is free is free.

trafalger3840d ago

people keep suggesting fifa was a response to low pre-orders. how would anyone know this? the far more likely scenario is m$ is trying harder to get europe to buy into the xbox. the uk was one of the few areas where they had great success in. these types of deals are months in the planning. it's not like they see pre-orders are low and call up ea the following week and say "hey, let's make a deal" and the following day they announce fifa is free. we knew well in advance ea and m$ were partnering together. way before pre-orders were even being accepted at retailers.

it's the same reason why the ps4 is shipping in the u.s, and canada first and not japan. it's to have a better competitive presence in a market they want to do better in.

i just hope sony doesn't get too cocky again if the ps4 does really well like they did when the ps2 was such a big success. it looks like m$ is starting to see how arrogant they were becoming with the xbone early on.

PSjesus3840d ago

PSN+ is a service for 50$ not free and instant game collection are equal renting as you are paying yearly for plus and games aren't yours that's the difference
Sony know what they are talking about.
F2P games are developer opinion and strategy not Sony's one

Minato-Namikaze3840d ago

Drive club isnt a F2P game, lol

4Sh0w3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Who cares for those who want FIFA they don't care why, they're just happy its free.

malokevi3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )


Attempting to lure people who preordered ps4? that's ridiculous. If anything, they're trying to capture the droves of prospective Christmas & boxing week buyers.

Spin, spin, spin...

bjmartynhak3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )


PS+ is a service you pay. Considering I only end up getting the games that I wouldn't buy anyway, it seems to be profitable for them.

F2P games are already F2P on PC, Sony is just bringing them to PS4.

They give lots of days of PS+ vouchers for free, including in some 1st party games pre-orders. I became a subscriber because one of these. Hard to go back. They are providing a small taste of their own service.

Driveclub is a "generous-demo", just as Killer Instinct

BUT deciding on giving a full 3rd-party new game in the last weeks before release sounded like a desperate measure.

Ausbo3840d ago


If you pay $60 for xbox live you are freakin retarded. ive never seen it more than $45 on amazon. In fact, ive always seen psn more expensive online.

Oh and those "free games" from psn aren't even yours. Cause they go away if you stop paying for psn.

And just to let you know, if youve tried both xbox live and psn, (like me) than you would realize the overall better service is xbox live.

patsrule3163839d ago

@ausbo: I just bought a year of XBLG for $30 last week. Its for my renewal in January, so I'll have live for all of 2014. Probably my last year for now. I'll keep my 360 active alongside a PS4 next gen.

@ theWB27: I don't think the headline is taking in the context of the statement when it says 'giving away stuff...its kind of odd'. He was saying in Sony's position for the PS4 release, it would be odd to give away a game, since they have already filled up their day one pre-order list. He did say that if you felt you needed to entice consumers, it was a reasonable thing to pursue. I think the headline was more sensational than what he was actually trying to say.

ForgottenProphecy3839d ago

Only day one European consumers get Fifa. This is called an incentive to get the console day one. F2P games are free for life, so that's an incentive to get the console in general. There is a huge difference between the two. The interviewee actually pointed out that Microsoft probably did this to boost pre-orders in Europe because they weren't doing so well.

The_Con-Sept3839d ago

I know there are soccer lovers out there... But I thought that soccor was more of a Mexican thing.... Isn't it?


5eriously3839d ago

@WB27. Still waiting for all PS3 articles just to troll. The handout of Fifa14 for free is a consolation for not delivering by M$. These free stuff is just free from Sony to support the Sony supporters, not to try and sell the PS4. That happens naturally all by itself. Sony does not have to backtrack anything to get sales. Sony did not have to fire Cerny and retire off their CEO.

Now think with your brains not with those nuts.

theWB273839d ago

I'm sorry, but where is the father of the Playstation Ken Kutaragi?

Sony CEO Howard Stringer replaced by Kaz Hirai last year.

Sony mobile pres Bert Nordberg replaced by Kunimasa ‘Kuni’ Suzuki around the same time.

Sony's been reshuffling more than a Vegas card dealer...

3-4-53839d ago

@WB27 - Sony isn't giving those away for free day one, those are free ALWAYS.

There is a difference.

Also, what they are giving away, is already being given for free, prior to release on multiple platforms.

5eriously3839d ago

Those were not forced moves due to stupid decisions like in this case with M$. Effectivle both were "fired" for the eXBone debacle and pre-order drought. Big diffrence. Now stop trolling with cr@p and BS.

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sinncross3840d ago

I feel like ppl are not bothering to actually read what he said in the interview.

He is asked about whether Sony will try a game deal for launch like MS did with FIFA14. His reply is

`Giving away stuff on day one of a new platform launch, in my mind it’s kind of odd.`

not because free stuff is bad, but because he believes that the launch hardware will sell well with or without the added game.

Basically, he does not see the point in paying more money for a deal that might not necessarily see an increase in hardware sold at *launch*.

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AznGaara3840d ago

Yeah it's a comment from the business point of view. Think about it, it's FIFA and Europe, how much money did MS have to throw at EA for that to happen? Honestly why spend money on that when you can use that money to get some indie games... Oh wait, we hate indie games. Lol

humbleopinion3840d ago

It was never odd outside the realm of Sony...

After all, the NES was famous for including Super Mario - one of its best games - with every console. Nintendo continued with that tradition up until the WiiU today. Similarly the Atari had pac-man game included, but I'm not sure if it was there from day one. Sega followed suit and even with the Dreamcast I had Sonic Adventures bundled with the console.
Actually, even the X360 also came with Hexic HD bundled with every console with a hard drive.

Majin-vegeta3840d ago

Good interview and it's always the Sony people with a since humor.

AznGaara3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Yeah I really liked the interview. Seemed pretty chill. But still... I'm telling you all... Last Gaurdian TGS. Confirmed launch title. They need that last "surprise" lol ... Only in my dreams though. :/

Jeff2573840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

I want Kingdom Hearts 2 HD for PS3 announced at TGS. That would go nicely with KH 1.5 coming out this fall. Also Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for Vita or an HD version of that as well. Also maybe give us a better idea of when KH 3 will be coming out.

Godchild10203840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Aren't they giving away 14 days of plus with every PS4 purchase which also allows those people to play DriveClub and Resogun for free, day one?

I'm not saying it's a bad thing, we all like free stuff or just better deals with our purchases.

badkolo3840d ago

yeah ,how this is bad is beyond me, i remeber the days were consoles came with a game, so when you got home you had something to actually play, times have changed so you can play free demos and such but a free game is a free game

wtopez3840d ago

It's really not odd at all.