GS News - Xbox One release date leak, Elder Scrolls Online fees

GameSpot - Bethesda is trying to talk Microsoft into letting Elder Scrolls Online plays skip the Gold subscription, Killer Instinct a “generous demo” and Xbox One release date set?

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cell9892272d ago

Good luck bethesda MS is too greedy for that

jaren922272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

I'm starting to worry Microsoft still has yet to confirm a launch date if the system gets delayed I will get a PS4 even though I didn't plan to get one till next year but I'm not waiting to play next gen if it gets delayed


Jajaja funny how people are coming up with random dates and yet still no official date from microsuck... My guess is I don't care 2013

Red_Devilz2272d ago

Bethesda / Zenimax is looking to "out-greed" Mikrosoft.

badboy7762272d ago

lol HOw can anyone buy a XBox.

manchesterman222272d ago

lol because i dont want to be a sheep and buy a ps4, i will buy the console i want to buy no matter what the KIDS on here have to say, even if there is a delay it wont bother me, it just means that i can play GTA longer ;-)

Red_Devilz2272d ago

Does your definition of Sheep applies only to people who buy PlayStation consoles?
Because my definition includes ANYONE who is trying to defend an inferior piece of hardware, poor choice of features, higher price and "head up their ass" attitude in a console.

According to my definition, if Sony starts behaving like MS today, and if anyone still tries to defend it, He/She is a SHEEP.

You are a textbook definition of 'Fanboy'. And you are right - buy what you want. Others, thankfully, do not want to trust that company anymore and really think that once they have enough customer base, they can bring back all DRM/Always Online $hit back "with flip of a switch".