Tequila Works Creative Director Talks PlayStation 4 Exclusive ‘Rime’

Analog Addiction writes: "One of the most interesting games to be revealed at this years Gamescom event was Rime; when it was unveiled at the Sony press conference and announced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Rime is created by Spanish developer Tequila Works, who released their debut project Deadlight last year during Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade promotion on Xbox 360.

Rime’s debut trailer took many by surprise due to its astounding beauty, vibrant landscape and evocative orchestral sound.

CEO & Creative Director at Tequila Works, Raúl Rubio, recently took the time to answer some questions regarding his studio’s latest project."

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Enemy1876d ago

"Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill) is composing the OST as well."

#%@$ yeah!

panbit861876d ago

HELL YEAH! This is HUGE! Yamaoka is a LEGEND!

jimbobwahey1876d ago

Can't say I'm too fussed about the soundtrack work to be honest, but Rime does look like a fantastic title. Kinda like a cross between Zelda Wind Waker and a Team ICO game :)

NewMonday1876d ago


you say it like its a bad thing

christian hour1876d ago

I think my nuts exploded when I read that. And I don't care, didn't need them to play video games or listen to music anyway. This game didn't need to get any better for me, so hearing Akira Yamaoka is doing the music, they're spoiling us now :P

yellowgerbil1876d ago

this was the only game sony showed that really appealed to me at gamescom. Hopefully it can deliver what we want of Last Guardian seeing as we will probably never get that game.

Relientk771876d ago

This game looks beautiful and full of adventure

I like what I'm seeing

MWong1876d ago

This is for sure on my must have list. The game looks absolutely beautiful and fun.

VsAssassin1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

I'm getting a franchise vibe from this new title; I'm also getting the feeling that Tequilla Works will be another breakthrough dev if this game delivers!

I want this game now!

Edit: Awesome interview, by the way!

Jamiex661876d ago

Thanks mate, glad you liked it.

310dodo1876d ago

Day 1 purchase.

My jaw dropped when this premiered at gamescom.
Looks absolutely amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.