Terraria Is Set To Bring All Its Side-Scrolling Building Adventures To iOS This Thursday

Mobile gamers don’t have to wait much longer as the popular action-adventure title Terraria is set to release this week on iOS.

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pedrof932267d ago

Terraria = 2D Minecraft.

How original.

SeanScythe2267d ago

You must not have played this game. Last I checked Minecraft doesn't have bosses, and harpies, and npc's that live with you and freaking badass weapons and gear. This game made a name for it's self it's as much Minecraft as super Mario bros is the same as Little big planet.

MestreRothN4G2267d ago

I really recomend this game.

Castlevania + Minecraft = Fundiction.

drizzom2267d ago

I have to agree with this. You start out simple with nothing and most of the time your just fooling around exploring and building stuff. But later it will start to suck you into the game when you get caught in its crafting purgatory. I literally had to set a timer alarm up to keep me from playing through the night. Its terrifying how it eats your time.

Hope it comes to Vita :D.

dcj05242267d ago

How the hell does the ios version get repeased before the VITA version which was announced first? wtf? It was suppose to come to VITA this summer.