Why The Xbox One & Playstation 4 Launch Line-up Matter "The past two generations for console game launches have been fairly decent. Nothing to write home about, but for some consoles like the Wii the few games were appropriate enough to show off the system. With approach of Xbox One, and Playstation 4 launch games are playing a bigger role than many think. For two tightly contested in a battle of mindshare, and gamers hard earned cash. How gamers feel about their new consoles will be made from day one, and the games will set the table for what they expect in the future. Game On."

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Chaostar2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

They matter a little but what's more important is a constant stream of great games over the entire life of a console.

I definitely do not agree that mainstream gamers make their console choice based on launch titles. In fact most mainstream gamers won't buy a next gen machine until year two or later.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2274d ago

Launch games are pretty irrelevent you will just see mostly ports and 3rd party releases like fifa and cod.. you need a console around for the exclusives that start to come 6 months in

ZBlacktt2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

We can only play ONE game at a time. We do not need 50 games all at once. All these stories about who's better who's not are meaningless opinions.

Consider what is coming from both 1st and 3rd parties. What has online and exclusive content. We are all going to be really busy in these games once they hit at launch. With as good as the games are looking. I want to give them my full attention.

So having good AAA games launch throughout the year will always be better. Plus this way gamers can afford to buy in easier. Rather then dropping hundreds of dollar all at once. Which we are going to do here in Nov anyway. Just before Christmas...

Silly gameAr2274d ago

Of course they matter, but what matters more is constant support and content after the launch. You want to snag people with good launch games, but you want to keep them with a steady stream afterward.

user74029312274d ago

i hope they bring day z to next gen consoles

Silly gameAr2274d ago

I want an Amnesia bundle for consoles that comes with Dark Descent and Machine For Pigs. That would be pretty awesome imo.

lifeisgamesok2274d ago

1st impressions last a long time. I already have my games order. First I'm going to play Ryse then Killzone next is DR3 then Forza

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