High Chance For Wii U Forgotten Memories Demo

With Psychoz Interactive’s Forgotten Memories survival horror game soon on the way, there is now talks of a demo landing home on the Wii U. Being the indie studio’s first Wii U title, they are looking to build up excitement and interest for the game before it debuts next month. Here’s what Studio owner Georges Paz had to say about the game and the potentiality of a demo version.

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PopRocks3592274d ago

Good. I'd play it if/when it happens.

Neonridr2274d ago

Looking forward to this. I love horror themed games. Already have the new Amnesia and Outlast preordered through Steam.

On the theme of horror games and the Wii U, still hoping for a Fatal Frame to be announced. The gamepad is just too perfect for their not to be that type of game on the Wii U.

Make it happen Nintendo.

sherimae24132274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

you should also ask tecmo about that to actually make it happen ^_^

fatal frame franchise is not SOLELY owned by nintendo,

regarding this game it will came out in wii u & vita first..
followed by ios/android.. then pc/ps3/ps4 by next year

stragomccloud2273d ago

Is the new amnesia game a remake or an altogether brand new game?

CandyFace2273d ago

Stragomccloud, it's a brand new name.

stragomccloud2273d ago

@Candyface, I'll have to check it out then.

Neonridr2273d ago

@stragomccloud - it's called Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and it releases September 10th. You can preorder it on Steam right now for 20% off retail price.

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