Will Sony add "impulse triggers" to the PS4 controller in the future?

SchollA from Console ControllUs - where the console controls us writes:
When I first heard about this feature being introduced for the Xbox One controller I thought to myself “That’s a really cool feature”, provided if it works as advertised. If it does however this could indeed change the way we play games forever going forward.

Let me go into why this feature being implemented on a Sony platform — namely the PS4 is most likely inevitable.

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Ksar1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

I think it's a bit late... Remove that stupid lightbar first, Sony.

-Foxtrot1974d ago

Stupid lightbar

I fail to see how it's stupid

1974d ago
Salooh1974d ago

I actually like it :) . But i'm not using the mic though , i never liked to talk while playing in online , i'm not a team player , i'm a solo guy . More like a ninja or assassin :D . It makes me play at least 5 times better then playing with a team ..

kenmid1974d ago

@the infected
lol, I think its funny people disagre with you saying that the light is pointless without the camera, in which it is.

BitbyDeath1974d ago

The lightbar is a replacement for the exisiting LED's in the PS3 controller, it tells you if you are player 1/2 etc. Not needed for PS4eye.

JackStraw1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

@infected you do know the lightbar isn't dependent on the camera, right?

glennco1974d ago

Maybe he wants a smart lightbar

malokevi1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

The idea behind the lightbar was to allow the originally packed in PSeye to differentiate between first and second controller, as well as track their rotation/positions.

That's how it was advertised during the PS4 reveal, if memory serves...

Funny how some people have a tendency to conveniently forget that. The lightbar is direct evidence of a pullback from the camera after the mandatory Kinect rumor surfaced.

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iamnsuperman1974d ago

"I think it's a bit late"

To add two small offset motors in the triggers. How can it ever be too late to do that. I don't think they will ever do it but saying it is too late is a bit naive

Ausbo1974d ago

Im not an expert on patents, but is it possible microsoft patented this feature?
Sony may not even be able to implement it

Sevir1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

They can't patent something that's open sourced, MS is using haptic feedback in it's triggers, that technology belongs to Immerssion Inc, MS licensed the technology from them and applied it to it's controller in numerous ways, much like how Sony licensed that tech to improve the haptic feedback in the dualshock 4.

thekhurg1974d ago

I would prefer not to have the extra rumble. Just another battery drain source.

pivotplease1974d ago

Will Microsoft add a touch pad? It will probably end up being more useful lol. My favourite new feature is probably the idea they got from wii. That little mono speaker will add a lot of immersion to games and will be cool for the game to communicate through (ex. Receiving missions and tasks over a radio or phone).

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porkChop1974d ago

I gotta give it to MS there. As much as I dislike their anti-consumerism and the Xbox One itself, the impulse triggers are actually a brilliant idea. There are a lot of ways to use those triggers to provide feedback to the player, completely separate from normal vibration.

Could Sony add it in? Sure, in a future DS4 redesign, similar to the Sixaxis being replaced by the DS3. It would definitely get widespread use considering the feature is included on Xbox One as well.

Regis1974d ago

But then if you add the cost it is about 10-20 dollars for a new rumble per trigger and well I don't think sony may do that if so then great that's awesome.

Orange1974d ago

It's the only XBone feature I'm actually jealous about.

No_Limit1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Hope this will be great for PS4 gamers. Rumble trigger is a great invention for the evolution of rumble.

Belking1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

They have a light bar on the controller which serves no purpose without the camera. As for the impulse triggers, they probably will. They already copied MS triggers from this gen.

sourav931974d ago

Oh because Microsoft was the one invented concave triggers, right? Right from the start when man started making firearms, it was Balmer and Gates tell them to make the triggers the shape they were. Please tell me more, oh wise one.

RatchetandClank1974d ago

Doesn't the light change colors on certain parts of the game? That doesn't need a camera. Why the diss bro?

Lucreto1974d ago

The article doesn't mention the improvements of the rumble in the PS4 controller.

I am surprised there is little talk about it.

tigertom531974d ago

I have read many articles that say your not going to notice any difference in rumble between the two controllers

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