FIFA Producer: Xbox One and PS4 Are Like Super-Charged Sportscars

Forbes writes: "There’s one thing we can be certain about with next-gen consoles: they can make games look very, very good."

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user74029312269d ago

ill choose the fastest one, that being gddr5.

goddamn right.

theWB272269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Bugattii- 1000 horsepower 270mph 0-60 2 seconds
Nurburgring- 7:40 mins
Top Gear- 1:16 mins

Nissan GT-R-Stats- 480HP 193mph 0-60 3.2 seconds
Nurburgring- 7:24 mins
Top Gear- 1:17 mins

Game design isn't a straight line.

PraxxtorCruel2269d ago

I quite liked that comparison. It just wasn't DirtyPimp's lucky day...:p

yewles12269d ago

"Game design isn't a straight line."

Thus I would compare the GT-R to a PS'3'... *runs*

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Imonaboat12269d ago

Where the wii u in the article? Ohh thats right, its because its not next gen

CrimsonStar2269d ago

Wii u = moms min van , nothing wrong with the spacious reliable mini , its just not a super car .

Imonaboat12269d ago

Man you made me laugh like an idiot at the gym. Good one xD

TheHater2269d ago

I guess that why FIFA look like crap on Next-Gen console. If fact, it's one of the worst looking next-gen game compare to BF4, Killzone, etc.

thebigman2269d ago

PES on PS3/360 looks better than FIFA on next gen

JackOfAllBlades2269d ago

Xbox is a Ford Mustang and PS4 is a Nissan GT-R. I'll take a GT-R please

Hufandpuf2269d ago

So the PS4 is weaker spec-wise?

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The story is too old to be commented.