Killzone Mercenary: Is This The FPS Vita Deserves? | Punching Beta

Punching Beta: With the release of the Killzone Mercenary multiplayer beta on PSN I finally got the opportunity to get my hands on this much hyped game developed by Guerilla Cambridge but just how does this game stack up to the rest of the series? Does it feel like the Killzone we all know and love?

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Chaostar2267d ago

It's the fps that the Vita deserves but it's not the one it needs right now.

So we'll play it, because it can take it. It's a silent sniper. A watchful ISA. A Dark Helghan.

HakatoX2266d ago

what exactly does it need?
I get the deserves, the FPS market on the vita is laughable at best.
CoD was a mess, unit 13 was okay(expected more of zipper ) and resistance was a good little story... rather not talk the MP though.

I think the Vita NEEDS a few great games from each genre.
As an FPS fan KZM (imo) is a step in the right direction for FPS treatment on the Vita.

thedouche2266d ago

Idiot didn't understand the Batman reference

dvdcsn2266d ago

This comment had me crackin up! Immediately knew it was from the Dark Knight.

HakatoX2266d ago

gotcha, didnt go into the movie side of thought

CocoWolfie2267d ago

Resisance, Call of Duty, you only made all of this possible. RIP

HakatoX2266d ago

what? as examples of what NOT to do?

Theendgame2267d ago

I'm downloading the beta right now!

remanutd552267d ago

post your impressions here.

Theendgame2267d ago

Smooth framerate and amazing graphics. I got kicked off the server twice, but that might be my fault. There are no shortage of enemies ( you can't go 15-20 seconds without being fired at) Love the monetary system ( just bought some grenades) Finding matches isn't that hard and the wait is about 30seconds.

Only thing that bothers me are brutal melee. I can't seem to counter them. All in all : If you have a Vita download the beta. You won't regret it.

Joe9132266d ago

It is great can't wait until this release and people see what the vita can do as far as fps. I think the other fps on vita was rushed so they can be launch or in the launch window but you can tell they took there time with this game.

IMightBeRetarded2266d ago

I built a class specifically for running around and using brutal melee on people like an asshole. Interrogation becomes so much fun.

JoGam2267d ago

The beta is AWESOME. Im reserving my copy tomorrow.

nosferatuzodd2267d ago

lol i want to play this game so bad that's it im getting a vita

naBs2267d ago

Yeah, I was going to wait up until PS4 release or around then, but it looks like I'm going to end up getting one before lmao.

remanutd552267d ago

No time to waste, get it see you on the Killzone.

remanutd552267d ago

excellent news, a new vita n4g bro, welcome to the club man, you are gonna love it.

remanutd552267d ago

Man i would love to see Insomniac Games developing a new Resistance title with the Resistance 3 engine on the psvita.

Protagonist2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Hopefully Killzone Mercenary will be standard on how FPS should be done on the Vita.

Man it has been a long time since I been so hyped up for a game (well...since P4G) also really hyped about the forthcoming Vita Batman.

Remy_S2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

That would be awesome if Insomniac made a proper Resistance game for the Vita, especially with Mercenary's near perfect handheld control setup, but I also hope they make a proper port of Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus for the handheld. The Vita needs more great platformers.

dcj05242267d ago

Yes! I definantly want a rachet&clank on the VITA ( not that Q-Force frontal assualt BS)

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