MI6: Do Core Gamers Still Matter?

As certain game properties like Rock Band and Hannah Montana push the boundaries of what it means to be a "gamer," marketers consider the importance of reaching out to the hardcore gamer.

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SaiyanFury3894d ago

If you need to ask this question, then you truly do not understand the nature of the videogames industry.

staub913894d ago

Is this a serious question?

games4fun3894d ago

your putting hannah montana in the same boat as Rock Band? rock band is great and hardcore gamers (myself included) love the game that is why its doing so well Rock Band is new and actually somewhat accurately portrays the drums

f7897903894d ago

The casual gamers are naive and throw money around for repetitive gameplay. Why would they make a Sims 3 if people were not constantly buying Sims 2 expansions.

jessupj3893d ago

I say kill all the casual gamers, and all the old people while we're at it :P and maybe hilary as well...

SaiyanFury3893d ago

I seriously doubt that major third party developers would ditch core gamers and focus only on casuals. The games that third party devs have been making for every generation since the NES have targeted a few casual gamers but focus on core gamers as they make most of their games to appeal to the said audience of cores. Like Squaresoft. The overwhelming majority of their games are RPGs that appeal to core fans. If they tried to target a demographic that doesn't buy a lot of games, with games that have long term appeal, they might end up losing money. Casuals don't usually throw money away on repetitiveness, they usually buy games they think will be fun. But they don't buy many games in general which is why overall, the 3rd party devs don't focus so much on the Wii. Sure they dish out shovelware that some casuals might buy, but the Wii doesn't have the third party sales that the PS3 and 360 enjoy. The very reasoning behind the Wii is that Nintendo releases it's own core titles that sell very well. The casuals buy things they think look like fun. But don't dish out lots of money for lots of games. Core gamers "look" for games enthusiastically, but core gamers pay only a minimal amount of attention to games so major buying isn't in the forecast. The Wii third party software sales reflect this. Just an observation.