Rockstar says Sony's GTAV on PS4 tweet was a typo

GS:Publisher says tweet from Sony UK suggesting upcoming open-world game is coming to next-gen system was just a typo.

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ArchangelMike2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Awwww Maaaaan.... I got all excited there. Here's hoping R* are just trying to cover up the truth though. You know how it is!

EDIT. C'Mon Sony man, don't keep messin up with the R*.

sobotz2894d ago

I hope it's the leaked information and Rockstar denies it so it won't hurt the PS3 X360 sales.

You know, everything happens for a reason

NewMonday2894d ago

for this game I'm waiting for the PC version because of the mods, something I wish consoles would allow.

pivotplease2894d ago

I like mods in wacky games like unreal tournament but that's about it. The biggest benefit to me is the graphic mods but those obviously cant be done on consoles. I think gta v will be such a large and diverse game that mods will feel unnecessary...and it already looks beautiful.

G20WLY2893d ago

lol agreed.

"Rockstar says Sony's GTAV on PS4 tweet was a typo"

Of course it was...*strokes chin and winks*

AAACE52893d ago

Don't worry, it will hit next gen!

They just don't want to hurt the current gen sales for the game. Then, maybe 6 months later, they will say demand is high for a next gen version. Then it will be released, so most of us can buy it again.

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Crazyglues2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Yeah what they meant is it's coming later, we didn't mean to release that info yet, we want you to buy the PS3 version first then buy it again in a few months when it comes to PS4

||.........___||............ ||

Khajiit862893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

GTA5 is worth 120 to me as long as my gta online stats transfer over I am fine with it.

1nsomniac2893d ago

Didn't Sony say if you bought Selected AAA games on PS3 it would transfer over to the PS4 release at a discounted price when available.... Lets hope!

bromtown2894d ago

Sony are off the Christmas card list at Rockstar haha...

DeadlyFire2893d ago

This is when we all start chanting Bullshit to Rockstar's claim of a typo.

FunkMacNasty2893d ago

Rockstar are absolute masters of creating positive publicity for thier games by pulling stunts like this. I'm willing to bet the "typo" was done on purpose, just to get us all talking!

I definitley can't wait until I get a ps4 to get GTAV, but it's nice to know that I'll be able to digitally upgrade from my ps3 version for like $5 on ps4!

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stuff2894d ago

This sort of thing makes me rethink my desire to get this game day-one. I'll be very upset to get this on PS3 only to have them release it on PS4 a few months later.

I just have this feeling that they aren't saying so to be sure to maximize sales as a Ps4/Xbone port won't be ready in time for launch.

ArchangelMike2894d ago

You know that's the truth. The game will eventually come out of PC. We know that much. It makes too much sense that it will eventually come out on next gen consoles. I reason alone. GTA V online.

Outside_ofthe_Box2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I don't know. I remember R* saying something about each console generation having it's own universe in the GTA world, meaning while Tommy and CJ exist within San Andreas, they don't exist in GTAV while Niko does exist in GTAV because GTAIV was released on current gen consoles.

Releasing GTA V on next gen consoles would kill that.

Withdreday2894d ago


That little rule of theirs sucks anyway. I want to see Tommy V again in GTA 6. Best of any of the GTA characters.

Outside_ofthe_Box2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )


I would love for that to happen as well, but my point was that Rockstar would be going against what they initially said by releasing GTAV on next gen consoles. So I think it's unlikely that we will see GTAV on the PS4 and XB1.

I personally would have loved to see CJ make an appearance in GTA5 but given that R* said that they treat each console gen as a different universe we'll probably never see any previous GTA characters in the future.

xPhearR3dx2894d ago


Niko exist within the DNA of GTA Online character creation. As does Claude and Misty from GTA III. Two characters in which were released LAST gen.

With such a passion on GTA Online, I HIGHLY doubt they won't release GTA V on PS4/Xbone. They want the game to continue growing forever. People aren't going to want to play on PS3/360 5-6 months after release when everything is coming out on next-gen consoles.

Rockstar would be stupid to not release it. They know what they're doing.

Outside_ofthe_Box2894d ago


GTA Online isn't really GTA5 though. There's a reason why they call it GTA Online instead of GTA V's multiplayer.

It really doesn't matter to me at all if GTAV ends up on next gen consoles. I was just giving a reason why that might not happen.

xPhearR3dx2894d ago


It may not be GTA V, but you're going based of what Rockstar said. Which is "Each console gen has their own universe". GTA Online wasn't around in the GTA III era. You're reason why it might not happen ended when Rockstar announced Claude and Misty is all I'm saying.

Outside_ofthe_Box2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )


I should have went into more detail. Of course GTA Online wasn't around during the GTAIII era because Rockstar didn't come up with concept of GTA Online until now. What I meant by GTA Online not being GTAV is that I think it will be something that will carry over from game to game and generation to generation and eventually become its own game as opposed to it being something you start from scratch every time a new GTA comes out.

Anyway we'll see if it comes out on next gen. Doesn't bother me because I'm getting it day one regardless. I can't wait anymore! The game was suppose to release during the Spring!

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LOGICWINS2894d ago

Its coming to next gen consoles.

Solution: Wait. Worst case scenario it never makes it to next gen consoles and u pick it up down the line for $20. Thats a win either way.

JRH77832894d ago

I mean, Madden & 2k are still coming to current gen & next gen a few months later. I don't see why GTA couldn't do the same. I want all next gen games so I hope this happens.

ginsunuva2894d ago

And they always delay PC because it makes the console versions look a bit inferior. (No I am not a pc elitist, just stating facts)

ExitToExisT2894d ago

I'll put the disc of GTA V on my ps3 at 17th of September and will try to see whether the graphics are okay enough for me to play, or looks like a blurry piece of sh*t. If it looks like i assume on consoles, i will wait for the PC or next gen version.

Note: Back in 2008 GTA 4 looked great to me on screenshots, trailers but when i saw the game running on my x360, it looked absolutely terrible. I'm %80 sure the same thing will happen with GTA V.

2894d ago
Aleithian2894d ago

I'm holding off. Realistically, my life won't be that much more complete by buying a game on day 1. I have other things to do.

Campy da Camper2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

But Sony has stated if you own a physical copy of a game that for a nominal fee you will be able to get a digital copy on the ps4. Granted, rock star is being shady about announcing next gen game copies but come on, the best selling multiplat aside from cod is NOT going to be available on a system that already has millions of preorders?

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BehindGames2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

just like nvidia

user74029312894d ago

i want to sell my ps3 for a ps4 but this and dark souls 2 are getting in the way goddamn

Campy da Camper2893d ago

I feel your pain. I was shocked at how good splinter cell blacklist and payday2 are as well. Now I'm like wtf? I want to trade it in due to the sheer cost I have incured buying the ps4 and like 6 games on preorder. I have the system just about paid off and watchdogs but still have infamous, the order, knack, killzone and whatnot to pay off. Plus I'm prob gonna go for the vita bundle if I can at launch if not I'm gonna but it seperatley.

Hits calculator...carry the 1...

$1034.00 Jesus!

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