Tom Clancy's HAWX scans

See these newly scanned images of the upcoming aerial combat Tom Clancy's HAWX from UbiSoft.

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rushbd3845d ago

this looks ingame. looks mightly impressive. let's see what happens.

CourtesyFlush3845d ago

I miss not having Ace Combat 6 and hope this delivers the payload. Looks good so far... keeping trigger fingers crossed.

On a similar note, as a fan of flight-based games in general, I wish someone would rekindle Colony Wars.

hotek3845d ago

the captions in the corner of the images are freaking hilarious!

xhairs3845d ago

I'm a bit disappointed with ubisoft right now. I loved rainbow 1 & 2, but at the same time no other games i have glitch as much as rainbow, or have 2 - 3 loading screens per function i choose. I hope they can put out something that's worth the loading screens and the "HD" gameplay :/