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So here is the situation you find yourself in. Sam is crouched behind cover observing three unsuspecting enemies having a conversation. Do you, A- whistle to get the attention of one of the guards, luring him to your location to meet his untimely demise when you take him down from within cover, to which you then mark the remaining two foes spring from cover and execute them both with two precisely placed bullets to their temples. Or do you, B- Burst out of cover with an assault rifle or shotgun and gun all three of them down. Or do you, C- Completely bypass all three enemies by finding an alternate path and vanish like the ghost you are. The freedom and choices available to the player is what makes this latest installment into the Splinter Cell franchise so great. Sam Fisher is back, with a new voice, to stop a terrorist threat known as the Blacklist by becoming the leader of the newly formed Fourth Echelon.

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