What I Want From WWE 2K14

Seeing as the roster for WWE 2K14 was revealed during Summerslam weekend, Ben from We Know Gamers got to thinking as to what he would like to see from the upcoming game to help it stand out next to previous releases in the series.

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roadkillers2267d ago

There is so much stuff that could be added. If I were developing the game it would be in development hell from all the things that could be added-on or improved...

-More then 6 in the ring
-Full Battle Royals
-Season Mode (not just universe, actual story)
-Humble beginnings (where you start you CaW)
-Lots of unlock-ables... Gear, legends, videos, full matches, online items, and much more
-Better connection online
-Better ranking system
-Actual belt holders and events (Kind of what GTAV is going online, but for wrestling... trophy room, money to spend on training, equipment, etc.)
-More realistic crowds
-Move from one area to another seamlessly

So much so that I would take up the comments page. This is one franchise that could do so much with what they have.

bilzdabest2267d ago

Well than go and do that. I mean go on.
As match as I hate thq for the crappy online and being hit with a hacked spear, constantly.
And 2k for no free dlc and no updates.
BUT THEY DONT HAVE AN EASY JOB. As much as I hate to say it they HONESTLY don't.

roadkillers2266d ago

Holy ****.

I understand making a game is not easy. I have taken Computer Science courses and some of the Math that is needed to be a developer. It is very difficult work and under the restrictions, time limitations, and other varying factors may seem impossible to do games. I was giving options of what could be included. Was a light comment not to be taken to heart, but for you to defend them is crazy... Don't you want the best game possible? I cant tell you there are a lot of games moving the industry forward, but WWE games are not one of them.

bilzdabest2266d ago

I do want a good game.
But for me wwe 13 was good enough.
The only problem I had was with the online mode and a hacked spear.
I mean people say that here comes the pain and all that was the best.
I mean honestly a bit of common sense here.
When here comes the pain was a new game there WAS LESS wrestling games. Therefore less games to compare it to.
Making it seem like a great game.
Im not saying it was bad. But it'll take time before we get what IS NEEDED. Now that the twits at 2k have taken the game it'll take a long time till they get the experience needed

AXE_MURDERER_8142267d ago

I'd like to see the gender restrictions removed and- a hybrid of a season/GM/Universe mode where your goal is to sell tickets you make the time for matches, titles, promos, etc.

NO CLIPPING!... I don't care how rediculously proportioned my CAWs, if they clip then shorten the sliders. Clipping is so unacceptable in 2013.

bilzdabest2267d ago

GM mode is confirmed.
But the caws I disagree.
So they have to make it realistic. They don't but thats there goal