Sony UK Tweets About GTA:V On PS4

Could a next-generation release be inbound? If this rumor's anything to go by, then it's certain we'll be playing this on PS4.

GarrusVakarian3748d ago

*Fans face with fingers* OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG

MattyF3748d ago

It will probably come to PS4 in 2014 but this was obviously a typo.

christian hour3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

I've been convinced for a long time that those GTA V trailers were just too good to be true, like they were the PC version almost. The draw distance and clarity is far too great there's no way it was being done on current gen.

Now I could be totally wrong, I have never played this game, but the math just seems way off.

So for a long time I've been wondering why so little has been said on a PC release (i know, rdr didnt get one either...) and I've been saying for jsut as long that these games are definitely getting a Nex-Gen port that will coincide with the PC release.

I've taken it as common knowledge for so long at this point, that it surprises me people weren't already thinking this. Seriously, the gameplay we've seen in official trailers so far looks way to good to run that smoothly on current gen.

I dunno I feel like this will get a lot of disagrees but that's just what I get from what I've observed so far, and from past experiences in the industry were companies have done this very thing time and time again.

This tweet seems more like a typo, but it shouldnt surprise anyone if the PC port of this game does make an apperance on the nex-gen. It would be silly of Rockstar not to, one of their biggest online orientated GTA games yet and it comes out 2 months before everyone (obv not EVERYone) will be jumping ship to the next gen? They're a smart company, all their eggs are definitely not in some 7 year old broken ass basket.

Cam9773748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

I know, they seem TOO good, whatever the case, we'll see in a few weeks! I can't see my PS3 pumping out graphics on-par with what was shown in the gameplay trailer. Was it IGN who said the graphics weren't great? Maybe we haven't seen the whole picture...

christian hour3748d ago

The whole picture is an nvidia PC with a ps3 controller hooked up so the button mapping fools one and all :P

Or R*games are space-faring Warlocks that deal in wizardry and magic and they pulled it off on current gen somehow.

GiantFriendlyCrab3748d ago

80 dollars next gen version then

GarrusVakarian3748d ago

Lol wut, games are the same price for next gen. On amazon US site anyway.

Ron_Danger3748d ago

He going off of the price of Killer Instict if you want everything.

BehindGames3748d ago

just announce the PC version and let us stop thinking about it

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Sony expands emotion-sensing plans with new patent for games that know & adapt to your feelings

From Xfire: "Imagine a PlayStation that could sense and react to gamer's joy, frustration, or boredom."

-Foxtrot4d ago

Great so my console is going to be depressed and anxious 24/7

Seraphim3d ago

come now Fox, we all know you also have bouts of enjoyment while playing some games. Therefore it's not all depression and anxiety, just 90% that. ;P

northpaws3d ago


No, when it knows you are depressed, then it would cheer you up, to keep gamers in a good mental state.

RAFTECH263d ago ShowReplies(2)
TheColbertinator3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Is Peter Molyneux working for Sony now?

RonnySins3d ago

No, thanks. I want to play games, not to be a lab rat for your experiments.

Seraphim3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

technically this could be used to enhance games. Struggling with something and just broke your controller. We see you, dial down the difficulty to noob so you can finally have that dopamine rush of excitement which comes from finally beating that boss...

I mean, I agree, no thanks, but patents like these tend to be rather premature and something that wouldn't come to fruition for a few+ more decades. Proof of concept and trademark so others can't capitalize on the idea... Even then, it did come to fruition it still requires the player to have a camera in their room or a headset on. Long as they don't force something like this similar to what XB did with Kinect then to each their own I suppose. It's a hard pass for me though, and if they tried to force something like this on a PS console, see ya later PS.

anast3d ago

Turn up. I'm ready. Let's open the flood gates, I'm in a hurry to some something "actually crazy" in gaming.

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