Tropico 5 brand new screenshots

Tropico 5 shows off its brand new screenshots from Gamescom 2013. New details emerge about coop and multiplayer as well.

The games is to be set in the colonial era which means you will have to contend with both World Wars, the great depression and emerge as a dictator in the Cold War.

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JackOfAllBlades1970d ago

Hopefully this is good, screens look pretty good though

Lisica1970d ago

Users from your country are not permitted to browse this site!?

Never saw a site I can't enter.

TheKingWilliamV1970d ago

I saw that message a lot when I was on vacation in Dubai

Genesis12951970d ago

Too bad its not coming to x1 really liked tropico on PC and 360

TNTgamer1970d ago

Better reason to keep your 360 then?

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