Is That an Environmental Message I See in Tales of Xillia?

J. Hugo from Kaboomshark writes "Currently, I’m at the end of Tales of Xillia. I feel that after I make a few more Fell Beasts fall and I level up to around the 70s, I’ll be ready to take on that final boss. However, based on all the I know at this given moment, an idea struck me yesterday that I’m not too sure was intended in the game’s final design or is just coincidental (and you may disagree with me on this): Tales of Xillia seems to have an environmental message lingering inside the plot."

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Tales of Graces F actually had these elements as well. Humans had destroyed one of the planets and the planet ends up seeking vengeance on humans (this is all in the F-Arc). In the main game, the 3 nations fight over a dwindling resource that is necessary for day-to-day life. This part reminded me of the war-for-oil theories and the war in Iraq (people believe we went there to try to gain a hold on oil, something our country can't 'live' without). The stories in the Tales' series are usually deeper than most people usually believe, you just have to TRY to look into the story such as the author of the article.