Titanfall, Battlefront replacing Medal of Honor in EA shooter cycle

Publisher planning to rely on Respawn and Star Wars efforts to help out between Battlefield releases.

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Soldierone2267d ago

So are they going to close Danger Close all because EA ruined their games by attempting to milk them?

NYC_Gamer2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

EA already closed the studio and created Dice LA with some of the ex MOH developers

Soldierone2267d ago

Wow that sucks, I must have missed the news.

They had great ideas, just terrible deadlines.

SouthClaw2267d ago

They were not closed just rebranded just like the studio had been before.

1995 (as DreamWorks Interactive, LLC.)
2000 (as EA Los Angeles)
2010 (as Danger Close)
2013 (as DICE Los Angeles)

They done it to make the average gamer think DICE LA is a new studio when really its a rename.

thrust2267d ago

By the sounds of it, it's the next gen shooter!

Eldyraen2267d ago

MoH wasn't bad but they tried to push it into becoming the next CoD IMO and didn't really fly with most.

Next gen sounds like they are going to try less to compete directly and instead do something new (well build on these franchises which are different at least--compared to "standard" shooters anyways).

Competition is great but copy/paste isn't the same thing.

supersonicjerry2267d ago

MoH was fun and cool but the fact that it was 30fps on console made it so hard for me to enjoy all the time it annoyed me.

staticdash222267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

All of those games are multiplatofrm releases. Along with one Xbox exclusive? EA: " Exclusive? That word isn't even a part of our vocabulary "

MWong2267d ago

My thoughts exactly, but I don't blame EA. Honestly, the only developers that should be creating exclusive games are 1st party studios. The cost of creating AAA video games is not cheap. To get the most money you need to release it across as many platforms as possible.

staticdash222267d ago

Even then it's not guaranteed to sell. Broadening the audience can backfire and we've seen it time and time again. That tactic of releasing monster hunter only on nintendo platforms works for capcom. It's just a matter of convincing your targeted demographic to buy into your game.

The Last of Us did amazingly well as an exclusive game. Why? Because playstation fans bought into the idea that naughty dog was selling. Doesn't hurt that the Ps3 has a huge install base too.

ArchangelMike2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )


You make a good point. it brings to mind Insomniac Games, who went Multiplatform with 'Fuse'. They probably sold less copies than if they remained exclusive, arguably because they would have capitalised on the one system to make a better game. The Last of Us did amazingly well becasue it is an amazingly well made game.

Soldierone2267d ago

That's different.

Insomniac built an install base that revolved around PlayStation. Did anyone outside of PlayStation fans really ever care about any of their games? Maybe Resistance for a while, but thats it.

We never heard Xbox fans going "man I really want ratchet and clank!!!" And facing facts, Fuse sucked and never looked appealing after they changed the name and look.

So what Insomniac did was take their fanbase and throw them out the door in a lame attempt to get more sales, and released a dud (that probably would have sold fine exclusive). Then they dragged those same fans in and kicked them in the face with their Xbox One exclusive title.

There are titles or companies that have that console pride fanbase. Losing that would destroy sales. Titanfall doesn't have that, and they shouldn't create it if they want COD like sales. Everyone wants to play it, so everyone will buy it.

Meanwhile Bungie created great games, but Destiny looks amazing, thats why their third party change will be a success.

ArchangelMike2267d ago

Quote: "The shooter rotation we think about now is Battlefield, Titanfall and Battlefront, and so we like those three brands going forward," Gibeau said. "We're working out how we're going to line that up because that's what you'll see from us."

If this is a fact, then it follows that Titanfall cannot be a console exclusive. When was the last time EA made a console exclusive game?

I guess those rumor of PS3 & PS4 controllers spotted at Respawn Entertainment may be more than for simple recreational purposes o.0

Soldierone2267d ago

Just wait it out. Titanfall will be on PlayStation.

I mean EA went through the trouble of getting Mass Effect on PS3, people really think they are going to through one of the games they plan to milk as an exclusive? Give me a break.

MrCrimson2267d ago

Microsoft has probably some sort of limited exclusive deal with Titanfall.

SouthClaw2267d ago

People seem to forget. EA do NOT own Titan Fall or Respawn. All they have is a deal to publish their games. Respawn own all IP. Respawn learned their lesson from getting into bed with Activsion last time.

So it is up to Respawn which consoles their games are released on not EA.

MrCrimson2267d ago

Correct Respawn Entertainment retains the intellectual property of the games they make. EA funds them so don't be so certain they don't have a say.

mafiahajeri2267d ago

Yes and Respawn hate Money right? Does it matter who is In charge of the decision? You make it sound like they have no benefit of releasing on the PS4. I don't care for the game that much but for the people who do I'm sure Itl make it to the PS4 if they took the time to make it on the PC and MAC then you can be sure Itl be on the PS4.

Respawn being a new company I don't see them getting a deal with MS more than a year to keep it exclusive. Also you can be sure EA have a say in this however small. Their going to want to expand as much as they can in the beginning.

MizTv2267d ago

Sounds alot better then the same cod every year

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