Ryse counters QTE controversy, improved AI and gameplay explained

Ryse counters QTE controversy, improved AI and gameplay explained

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thetruthx11881d ago

The gameplay and graphics look great. This is my most anticipated launch game

Tw1tch3D1881d ago

I'm not really into this game just yet. If they can show me the story at least and big Roman battles then count me in, other than that so far it's been a fat MEH! from me.

JokesOnYou1881d ago

Yeah always liked the game for the cinematics and what looked to be a promising story, now Im even more excited with the gameplay/combat improvements. Day ONE.

Belking1881d ago

Ryse was already good to me with the QTE stuff. It's day 1 purchase for sure. xbox-one day 1 FTW.

Dakriz1881d ago

Lmao epic photo lmao, I guess depending on where you stand the kinect will recognize witch bottom combination is used lmao the power of the kinect.... Lmao

user74029311881d ago

nothing wrong with quick time events to get good graphics.

tuglu_pati1881d ago

DirtyPimp trolling X1 article = expected

MysticStrummer1881d ago

QTE was only a controversy for people who loved or hated QTEs in the past, yet completely changed their tune for Ryse. People who hated them suddenly loved them, and people who loved them suddenly hated them. Such is fanboy logic. The game itself always looked fun to me, though I question the eyesight of people who think Ryse looks the best out of all we've seen so far.

Deadpoolio1881d ago

Its amazing how hypocritical Xbots mainly are...They cried to no end about the QTE in RE6 or the QTE in NG3, and went on and on about how awful QTE are and they needed to be killed because they ruin a game, or how awful some games like DMC were going to be because it looked like mash to victory and the OMG it looks so baby like mashing to the SSS rank...But yet now all of a sudden they want to swallow that Ryse spunk and it's so amazing and groundbreaking, even though in reality it's mash to victory and QTE

jetlian1881d ago

Naw thats ps fans. yall love hr and b2s. and then want to hate on ryse

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The story is too old to be commented.