The Wind Waker HD Launches October 4 in North America

Link's Hideaway writes:

"In a recent release - found after the break - it was stated that the launch date for The Wind Waker HD will be October 4 for North America, which is the same as the European launch date. The press release also announced that the Seattle showing of Symphony of the Goddesses would have demo stations for both The Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds."

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live2play2275d ago


August pikmin
September wonderfull 101 (and rayman)
October windwaker
November dk tropical freeze
December 3d world

looks like wiiu is getting the ball rolling
and that's only exclusives

next year we'll get Mario kart, ssb and yarn yoshi. I wonder what other surprises they have in store

maybe they'Ll do another month to month release with those games.

I want a new paper Mario, Kirby adventure and hope full a console luigis mansion for wiiu sometime in its life

deafdani2275d ago

You forgot to mention X. Easily my most anticipated game next year. And Bayo 2.


live2play2275d ago

I guess I was thinking more about first party or whatever but youre right! how could I forget those

live2play2275d ago

oh cool about X
but I think bayo will remain exclusive forever no? I mean Nintendo footed the bill, I guess maybe it will go multiplat if they pay Nintendo? idk

Misaka_x_Touma2275d ago

Sonic Lost World is in October as well

Xof2275d ago

Nintendo dedicated themselves to releasing 1 high-quality game per month, every month, in order to revitalize the 3DS and they've kept with it for quite a while now (with no sign of letting up any time soon).

Seems safe to assume the WiiU will be getting the same treatment.

AKR2275d ago

You forgot to mention Wii Party U in October and Wii Fit U by November-December.

Yes, I know they're causal titles ~ but they sold boatloads on the Wii. Those are the type of casual-crowd, attention-grabbing games the Wii U needs right now.

Deadpoolio2275d ago

Those are not going to sell boat loads on the Wii U....They sold those boatloads because every grandma, soccer mom and house wife all thought it was hip to waggle the Wiimote on the bowling game...Those people are not coming back, they've figured it out.

AKR2275d ago


Nintendo Land may be just a pack-in ~ but it's been getting a good amount of attention.

Oh...and guess what? It's a casual title.

deafdani2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

X is first party. Monolith Soft is owned completely by Nintendo.

Bayo isn't first party, but it's still a game being published by Nintendo, so I expect it to stay exclusive to the Wii U for at least some time.

ritsuka6662275d ago

Lol @ disagrees this guy is getting for state the obvious. typical N4G.

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PopRocks3592275d ago

None too fond of the minor delay, but at least it gives Wonderful 101 some breathing room in the US. Rayman will probably sell better too.

deafdani2275d ago

Wind Wake releasing in October actually makes me happy. That way I will be able to get either Wonderful 101 or GTA V, haven't quite decided yet (although I'm more inclined for Wonderful to be honest, I can pick up GTA V at a later date when it's on the bargain bin).

And then Wind Waker in october. Yay. :D

lunatic00012275d ago

yes cant wait...recently beat pikmin 3 and i cant wait to play 1 and ps4 can wait :)

meganick2275d ago

That's quite soon. I can't wait to play this. It's been years since I played WW back when I had a Cube. It's one of my favorite games, so I'm excited to play it again with better graphics.