Xbox One Day One Edition still available for pre-order in UK

The Xbox One Day One Edition console is still available for pre-order from major UK online retailers despite the inclusion of the AAA calibre title FIFA 14.

ShopTo, the UK’s largest video game online-only specialist, is emailing customers and inviting them to purchase the ‘limited edition’ Xbox One day One Edition. This is surprising because it means that they have not sold out of their allocated Day One stock.

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HolyDuck1878d ago

It's not as if the free game was made world wide news, I'm sure half of Xbox Fans don't even know it comes with a free game.

Muerte24941878d ago

to the European market. Nothing has been said about American and other territories.

HolyDuck1878d ago

I understand that, I was just using "World Wide" as an example or how little people know the news.

Lucreto1878d ago

It seems the smaller sites still have a few pre-orders left. The main sites like GAME and Amazon are sold out.

JackOfAllBlades1878d ago

Well of course, the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One everywhere, especially Europe