Playstation 3 fan test

A video showing how you can clean your PS3 by using it's own fans.
Note: This only works on the 40gb model, if you do this on any other model it will just make a beeping sound.

TwissT5885d ago

I just did this on my own Ps3 and the fan sounded like a fricken vacuum.

killer_trap5885d ago

i didn't get it. is this something sony intentionally made or is it just a hardware bug of some sort? and does it really clean the system? and why doesn't it work on the 60GB version? it would have saved me a lot of time vacuuming the system. and i'm asking too many questions. sorry

Harry1905885d ago

take a risk,does this really work?

Varsarus5885d ago

Your NOT supposed to switch off the ps3 from the back while it's on, it can fu*k your system up, but that video is a bit weird.

Real Gambler5885d ago

First, he make sure the PS3 is off
Then he turn the back switch off
Then he hold the eject and switch the back button on.
Fan goes wild, then stop, and red blinking light (so PS3 is still off technically, since there's not green light)
Turn back switch off, then back on.

So he never really turn the back switch off with the light green on, on the PS3.

I almost wish they could implement this, firmware wise, in the 60gig model!!!

TwissT5885d ago

You guys, this really does work I tried it on my 40gb when I first came across the video. Just make sure you have the 40gb model and you follow the instructions CAREFULLY!

ruibing5885d ago

Just because the PS3 is well-built doesn't make it invulnerable, people tweaking with it is probably what causes a lot of problems like that recent error code.

SCThor5885d ago

yes, it sounds like my X360 while playing Gears..

Superiorrior5885d ago

Just because the PS3 is well-built doesn't make it invulnerable, people tweaking with it is probably what causes a lot of problems like that recent error code.

_____________________________ ___________________________

You mean the one that affects 0.1% of people who have a PS3? Oh okay.

Ice2ms5884d ago

Unfortunately my ps3 broke on friday =[[ But Sony are sending me a new one. I Think the percentage is a bit higher than .1% and i didnt touch any component inside the ps3 and the disc drive is broken. =[[

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Real Gambler5885d ago

So basically, there's now 3 level of fan noise for the PS3.

1- Can't hear it.
2- You're playing too hard, you can hear it now.
3- Jet engine plane ready to take off.

Seriously, this is another proof that Sony is not cutting corners when they design something... They put in a mega fan, and use it only at 30% of it's top speed. Very, very cool, no punt intended!

krisq5885d ago (Edited 5885d ago )

...there are four. 4th is the loudest and you need to cover all ventilation holes to hear it. Extreme :)

Amanosenpai5885d ago

Thats not cool... poor PS3 ^_^

Spinner5885d ago

Cool .. sad it won't work on my 60gb :/

Storm235885d ago

Yeah man. I agree. Since I have had mine since launch, I am pretty sure there is a ton of dust in there.

(It would be cool if through a firmware update we could do it to the 60 gig)

Ri0tSquad5885d ago

How come Sony doesn't tell us about this stuff? The PS3 was soooo loud.

ReBurn5884d ago

My guess is that they didn't tell people about it because they don't want people to do it.

Nastycrew5885d ago

I believe this is the first thing Sony Service do if they got a "broken" PS3, i've done it, and i saw dust flying out! not too much but it was dust. This is only for the good, why could it get hurt?

"This is a fan test which also helps with cleaning dust inside ur ps3, dont be paranoid if its loud its ment to do that ,

Turn off ur ps3
Turn off the power in the back via the power button
Hold the eject button keep holding it
While holding the eject button, turn on the power switch in the back of ur ps3

Works only on 40 gig sorry i figured it would work on all lmao <--- idiot sometimes"


TwissT5885d ago

Nastycrew thanks for letting me post this on the site. +bubbles