Xbox One Cloud Infographic Released: "Power That Grows With You", Trailer Also Out

Microsoft has just shared a new infographic related to Xbox One. This time around we get to hear more about Xbox One Cloud feature (one of the most talked about feature).

In addition to this Microsoft has released a new trailer related to Xbox One Cloud Feature titled "Xbox One - Cloud Powered Gaming Trailer". Take a look at it below the infographic

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Midgus1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

so what happens when your not connected to the internet, my game doesnt look like it should or perform? lol

XB1_PS41880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

They're talking more about how AI learns through the cloud, not about graphics.

Midgus1880d ago

ok so the only reason microsoft is shagging this off is for AI purposes. good lord not got much to go on since E3 then.

shoddy1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

If you want to beat the games easily with retarded AI, just disconnect from the Internet

Highlife1880d ago

So are you saying that all previous Forza games AI have been retarted?

nukeitall1879d ago


No Shoddy is saying *all* AI has been retarded so far.

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malokevi1880d ago

wow.... that footage is so awesome. lol.

I need this game.

cleft51880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

The whole "Power of the Cloud" thing is so funny. It's sad that this is what they are using as one of their selling point for the Xbox One. Particularly, when their direct competitor has their own Cloud based solution.

Why not spend more time talking about the great games coming to the Xbox One like Project Spark or hype the hell out of Remedy's upcoming game Quantum Break. Or talk more about D4, you know anything other than this reliance upon Cloud computing.

Microsoft has so many good things coming to the Xbox One, I just don't get the reliance upon these marketing gimmicks that anyone in the know sees right through.

NextGen24Gamer1880d ago

Marketing gimmick? Did you not watch the video. Next gen Xbox One games are using the cloud at launch. Anytime you offset cpu calculations to the cloud, you free up the local hardware. That's a good thing no matter how you cut it.

Just because you aren't interested in the tech, doesn't mean it's a gimmick. I actually think it's awesome and it will get better as internet speeds increase.

Blachek1880d ago

Elite, he isn't knocking the cloud one way or the other. Cleft is talking about a selling point. The buying decision should be fueled by the value you get from the console, value resulting from post-purchase games.

In terms of games, he is saying that he believes the launch lineup for XB1 is better than the PS4's. If Microsoft redirects attention to games, they have a better shot at moving units.

From a logical standpoint we can clearly see that there is more horsepower in terms of components, locally, in the PS4 than the XB1. How they work together remains to be seen. Architecture plays as important a role in benchmarking as does physical components.

Microsoft needs to change focus from raw power to games. Where they stand a much better chance to sell the brand, console, and their future.

Again, Cleft did not discredit Cloud computing... he identifies where the XB1 strength is currently and is saying that the strength should be highlighted.

slimeybrainboy1880d ago

Exactly, this was such forced PR BS. The footage of Forza is 10x more interesting than old features repackaged in PR slime.

I can't believe how they aren't just saying look at Quantum Break bitches. Forza is probably the best looking and biggest franchise on the next generation consoles. but I've heard more about drivatar than any actual real revelations about the game. Racing games are made to be online, if they can improve the offline AI that's great but you're still going to play online.

Highlife1880d ago

The whole cloud thing is not as great as ms says it is nor is it as bad as ps fans say it is. Basically the cloud can't hurt.

Anzil1880d ago

Its been done in other games as well but on the system itself this is nothing new and now its just calculating data in the cloud and relaying it back to the system so ya it frees up .01% of the Ones potential so it will still never be close to playstation 4 power. and these calcs aren't in real time so the one will never ever ever become significantly more powerful. Its a PR stunt and its failing. Bring on the disagrees! I live to see proof that idiots exist lol! PS:PS4 haha cab do it as well!

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Izzy4081880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

I don't understand why some people (PS fanboys)don't want the cloud to work. Are you really that insecure about the PS4? This should be good news for all console players. Azure can be used for multiple purposes.

For example: Forza devs are using it to create a more human AI, Titanfall devs are using for better multiplayer experience, and COD devs are only using it for dedicated servers. So until developer need to use cloud computing for better lighting and physics, they're only going to use it for small things.

NextGen24Gamer1880d ago

well said. But those "Small" things take the load off of the local hardware, which is the point. If you free up the local hardware, you in return make the hardware more efficient and better for games. As the years go on, they will offload more and more data as internet speeds increase and they figure out how maximize the cloud.

FITgamer1880d ago

I don't think people don't want it to work, they just bash it because of the way MS presented it. I mean saying it will make the XB1 3x more powerful is pretty ridiculous.

JackOfAllBlades1880d ago

Ppoooowwwaaahh ovv duuhhh cclllooouuuddddzzz!

AngelicIceDiamond1880d ago

Lol But if Sony was doing this and MS wasn't, it would be just as big as the man on the moon for the first time right?

and Sony's infinite innovation.

I Give credit to ANYONE who goes out of there way to think of ways to make games even better.

Some of you all can have fun saying "Its fake" "PR nonsense."

Your only wasting your own time.

Three major games take advantage of this so far COD, Titanfall and Forza and apparently Insomniacs Sunset overdrive is using it.

PFFT1880d ago

Sony fanboys, they dont like their system. They just hate yours.

Midgus1880d ago

@Shoddy i shouldnt need a connection to the internet to have decent AI, i thought that's what difficulty settings was for. shouldnt need a cloud to help me "create" a hard mode.

Kryptix1880d ago

You're right, the cloud isn't needed to create a higher difficulty, but it's used to create realistic A.I. using everyone's gameplay. Basically takes the average IQ and puts it into one, which might backfire if George Bush buys an Xbox One. lol

Honestly, the cloud was never interesting and needed for A.I.. Take Houdini, the smartest chess A.I. ever created. Does it need the power of the cloud to make perfect moves? No, and up till now, we never needed the cloud to make realistic A.I. because programmers have learned how to differentiate complex algorithms to three types of difficulty settings, Easy, Normal, and Hard. And though some games don't have difficulty settings, Max Payne 1 and 2 had it so A.I. difficulty changes depending how good you were as you played the single player.

Not only that but online play exists, which covers the, "creating realistic A.I." aspect of the cloud. The cloud is also there to make A.I. calculations quicker, but that can be done within the system though it takes away some processing power used for everything else.

And before anyone says, "you wouldn't be saying that if the PS4 had the cloud." Well, 21 years as a gamer and I never needed the cloud. I really wouldn't care and don't need it like everyone else. If I wanted to go against very tactical enemies, I'll just play Battlefield, the Division, or Destiny online in the future.

BallsEye1880d ago

It will probably be used for MMO's always online games etc. Imagine a big world MMO where is living all the time. All the illumination is computed in cloud just like
here in nvidia cloud computing demo. You can't play mmo without internet anyway so I don't see what's the problem here.

Mounce1880d ago

Blast Processing, BLAST UNLEASHED.

Blast processor supremacy.


Anyone notice the difference? Blast/X1-Cloud?

BlueBlood171880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )


Microsoft's head is in the clouds.

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iamnsuperman1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Essentially you send of data to a big server to be analysed and then you download AI that is appropriate or someone plays against how you play. Worrying but at the same time a good thing. Just get rid of the PR Drivatar name

GarrusVakarian1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

"Power that grows with you"

I hate corporate slogans.

So what happens if you don't have internet access?

MS shouldn't say things like that, people are so gullible and genuinely believe that cloud computing is some sort of magical graphical force.

sobotz1880d ago

If you don't have internet access, you will be playing Forza with normal AI's like any other games. You don't have to always use it anyway

Johnsonparts231880d ago

thats not the point. Microsoft makes it out to be this amazing tech that improves graphics and gameplay from the cloud, and it's bs. Handling a.i. is very different from handling things that only local hardware can. It's a joke that people take this seriously.

sobotz1880d ago

I'm not saying it can improve the game's graphics or performances.

So far, they only showed us the games that using dedicated servers and human AI. Just only for that, I think it's very possible to be implemented, it is just a small tweak anyway.

Capital Dream1880d ago

As normal if you don't have internet you just don't get the benefits,duh!

jackanderson19851880d ago

dan greenawalt always looks so pissed off

jackanderson19851880d ago

haha yeah they could pull off the auld switcheroo

1879d ago
-Foxtrot1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

"Power That Grows With You"

Hmmmm....sounds like a slogan for Viagra

-Foxtrot1880d ago

Well if it works like it's supposed to then will see it

eezo1880d ago

lolzz good one......

1879d ago
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